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EV’s electric motors should last nearly indefinitely. The only part that could really wear down would be the bearings, but they’re ball bearings, so those should be able to last over a million miles easy.

Also that cost to replace a Tesla battery is extremely low. That is not much more than what it cost to replace a small Prius battery.

The only thing holding back EVs from absolutely taking over the world is the battery technology, which is still garbage.



Also just to have car battery chargers for every city. You would probably need a separate grid. It can’t possible be feasible for everything to be charged or powered off of one grid. Even though electric grids have been beefed up. It still would be a farcry away from being reliable for ev cars and electric utilities.


True. I bet we can get that figured out fairly easily with the growth of EV popularity though (at least at this rate). Lots of places already have incentives for installing solar, for example.


I ran across this vid showing the layout of a racing pit box.



My poor old trusty yet hated daily has finally got an issue that has me scratching my head…

2003 P12 Primera, internet pic for reference…

When driving theres a noise emanating from ( i Believe ) the front right wheel hub, If i had to discribe it, sounds alot like how a bearing ball bearing would if one of the balls shattered…

So far ive had the wheel off, and visually inspected the area, hub spins by hand both ways as it should, with only the expected resistance from the weight of the diff, and no jerking or grinding noises… and no movement in any direction other than those expected either, as you would normally find with a dead wheel bearing…

Its not an engine or box issue, as the noise is not present when the car is stationary, and does not change in pitch or speed regardless of vehicle speed or gear…

Im at a complete loss, i could swear the wheel bearing is shot, but im loath to rip it apart on the grass next to my gravel driveway ( no actual garage lol ) just to do a visual inspection of a bearing that by all other accounts seems fine…

I am however going to check the rear wheel after the sun comes back up… just in case my ears are fucking with me… but i had a good hour of listening to it my way home today, so odds of that are pretty slim…


Whirring, squeaking, grinding? If you had to type out the sound…

How many miles? It’s possible the bearing needs grease. Sometimes, you’ll get a slight whirring from lack of grease, that doesn’t show up at low speeds.


no whirring…
Definitely grinding and occasionally squeaking…

As of today its done 205 000kms ( Soooo 126k miles ish? converting in my head )

So could be a possibility… even regardless of distance, it is 16 years old this year, so probably a good idea to check all that stuff i guess…

Looks like ill be stripping the hub down tomorrow checking the bearing… i dont want to do it outside, but i want to pay someone else even less lol


Place a jack under the control arm and lift the tire off the ground. Leave the wheel tightened to the hub and wiggle it.
This gives you leverage while checking for play in the bearing and amplifies any feedback. This is also the best way to check ball joints FYI.


yea, i did that… Didn’t feel any play…

Did not however know it worked for ball joints aswell… so if nothing else, at least ive learned something lol


Hmm, next high wear item is the CV joints.

Checking ball joints with struts is a pita from what I remember. Taking the stress off it and keeping the joint from binding with the suspension extended was tricky.


Depends on the geometry, but yeah, it can be tricky.


Does the sound amplify or disappear when turning? Left vs Right?
I have a truck with integral hub bearings and it’s had a whirring noise ever since I bought it used. The noise disappears when turning left. From my research online that indicates the right side. I bought a new hub bearing and tried to replace it but I couldn’t get the old one off at the time. I’ve been driving it since and it hasn’t gotten any worse. My plan if it wasn’t the right side was to put the used right side onto the left side. The hubs are side agnostic.


I’ve had this before, but mine was coming from the A/C compressor. Maybe try turning on the A/C and see if the sound changes at all. I really feel this is your problem from what you’ve said.

Edit: NVM I read your first post. Lol


driving manual is not hard but you do need to remember let the clutch out slowly and apply the gas gently to prevent stalling!
second if stick shift (on the floor) you need to hold your elbow out away from your body and shift strait up and down ( many people tend to hold their elbow tight to the body and this causes them to pull the shift at an angle and it binds in the neck of the transmission)
once you get used to driving standard you usually don’t want to go back to automatics.

i would rather drive a duece and a half with the hi- lo tranny and hi-lo differential rear end than i would drive the automatic van


Wow, that’s a lot of great tips. Need to rearrange my stuff now.


Please tell me it has a SR20VE


Unfortunately not… its the QR20DE…

But as i said… its only a work hack/daily driver lol and to be honest, the CVT trans lets it down more than the engine does…


So after about an hour of fucking around, i may have found the culprit…

In my rooting around i knocked the exhaust, and noted a creaking, rubbing noise as it jiggled…

If i can find what its making contact with, ill take it for a test drive and report back…


So after a bit of fucking about, and several cups of tea and head scratching, i have found it…

Cant loosen off the bolts at the moment… not that it would matter, as i wont be able to source another gasket for about a week… so ive done what any self respecting home mechanic would do…

Ive drowned it in WD-40 till it went quiet… waiting for it not be flammable now, then ill take her for a drive…

Either way, its good to know it isnt terminal, and that my wheels arent going to fall off on the way to work… Also that i dont have to drive my not-currently-roadlegal project and risk big fines lol