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Hmmmm, thinking of throwing an exhaust cutout on the truck soon.
Not much room for error tbh.

Pics of exhuast


Looks like my best bet is to put it where that flex pipe is, should have about 12 inches of space to work with.

Also, god damn, I love the fact I can just be on the creeper and scoot around under the truck without my body running into anything.



How about the fact that this truck is pristine. Nice to be so clean.



Lol, definitely.

Had it for 4 weeks today.
Can’t imagine it in a few years haha.

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Just clean out her undercarriage every now and then. You’ll be much happier whenever you need to go down… There



where’s the rust?



uhh, I live in the desert that is commiefornia.
No rust here boyo. Well not frequently.



So, went bike part shopping for my RGV 250

Probably won’t mean much to non-motorcycle non-2 stroke old school GP replica bike nerds but…

  • 1x 17,000 km jap import motor from a VJ22 (91). looks genuine… very clean, etc. (could be parts washer but hey, not scratched up, etc.).
  • 1 set of cougar red billet power valves
  • 1 set of Tuning Works power valve pulleys
  • 1 set of replacement fork stanchions
  • tyga upper fairing stay
  • tyga clear screen
  • pro-bolt black bolt kit
  • VJ22 SP mirrors
  • New oil tank sender unit

I seized the engine on it in 2014 and its been sitting in the shed waiting for some love for a while…

Just over 3 grand in parts for it in the past 2 months…

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So my brother’s car has a rattling passenger seat.

It’s not loose, and it’s intermittent. It never happens when someone is sitting in it.

Any diagnosis clues?

It’s a 2013 elantra gt.



spring inside the seat?






Not the seat belt. Tried taping it and buckling it. :confused:

That’s my thought. I don’t want to have to tear it apart…

Unrelated, project cars is incredible fun. Anyone else have it? Might be fun to set up some races.



Yup aging… my car has roughly the same issue.
Just deal with it or have a bad time

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Thought you were asking if we had project cars, like IRL.

I don’t have either which one are you talking about, the first or second one?



Online real life racing :thinking:
Perhaps ice racing with a designated distance and direction between cones…tho ice conditions can vary. Could do the same concept on pavement?



can confirm. I’ve got pc2. Unfortunately no time to play it for the next few months… I suck anyway lol

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If you guys end up racing together I’m down to buy it.

I have assetto corsa.



I’m playing the second one, but it seems like they’re backwards compatible. (it was on sale for like $15 during winter sale)

So do I, but I figured it would be some good community fun.

I’ve got this as well. Haven’t played too much of it with the wheel yet, only just got my windows box up and running.

I mean, PC2 has a “heavy snow” track condition. That would be fun.

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Finally recovering after a tough 24. Thursday was a fun day after setting up the tent. Friday was pretty easy with a warmup for Michellin Cup, all skate for Rolex and then the Michellin Cup 4 hour race. That started off with a bang… with a Camaro trying to knock down our wall early on eventually leading to a FCY because it was being such a pain to get on the tiltbed. Most likely because after the hit the car was a teeter totter. Numerous incidents as we had 9 FCY’s total with 2 being ours, ended up over at 5A for the last 75 minutes or so.

The start of Saturday dawned sunny and decent… and quickly went down hill. My shift was from 1830 to 2230 and then 0630 to 1030. Temps dropped throughout the day until the start. It was either cold or nippy depending where at 5 you were. Got off corner, went back to camp and got some sleep until about 0430 when the alarm went off and pitter patter was present. Shift started in the heavy rain, which then turned into a red flag. I think it was about 0800 they tried to go green… and failed miserably with a two car wreck in the tri-oval. This led to more circulating and me waving either white or yellow depending where the sweepers and blowers were. Ended up getting off station seeing about 15 cars come through in green flag conditions, total, for the 4 hours. Went back to workers compound then watched all the chaos as racing finally returned… sorta. It was more like sliding demolition derby at some points. NASCRAP spent 400+ million and couldn’t do shit about the draining, or lack there of leading into turn 1, all through 6 and the bus stop.

Overall glad I went down because I got to see a lot of friends who I don’t get to see that often… but man I would have killed for some more non-rain time.

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macho man voice Ohh Yeah!