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MINI makes solid cars since they’re essentially just reskinned BMWs now.


We were looking at those, and she likes them, but she wasn’t impressed with the fuel economy. Don’t remember what it was though.

What are you getting?


My cooper gets like 40mpg… not gonna get much better than that unless you go hybrid


Hmm. Wonder if it was just the one we where looking at, like maybe it was the supercharged one or something. I’ll bring it up again.


I own the same car been great! use it for work every day, way over loaded. its just done 300k


The lurker “creppper” speaks again!
Welcome to the garage M8.

I noticed a while back you liked my post on the Volvo V70R & S60R, I like you taste.


So, I’ pulled out the G920 again, and I have to say, it’s working pretty well with GRID Autosport on Linux. :smiley:

I need to make some udev changes, but I’ll get it working at some point this weekend, I think.


I was trying to use Linux for gaming, but after setting up a few times from reinstalling Linux I gave up, and just kept windows around for it.

Interesting the wheel works with it, I haven’t even thought to try it with Linux.


hahaha yes the creeper is back :smiley:


They have kernel drivers for it. For some reason, the brake pedal and force feedback don’t work.

I found out about the brake pedal on turn 1 of the nordschleife lol


So is a certain Toyota…

Cough cough





Fuck the truck boat truck. I want this!



So my mother’s car has P0171, P0303, P0304, and P0420 codes. We knew about P0303 and P0420, the other two are new though.


Oh, just learned I’m getting my S10 back today. That’s great! I keep doing stuff that would’ve been helpful to have it for.


Speak of the devil.

except it’s a midget not a bgt


I would prefer a midget, I like the looks better.


Clutch, flywheel, release bearing and yoke delivered. Bell housing on the way.
Should to be ready to order the trans in a few weeks.

Still need a bunch of stuff like accessory brackets, radiator, hoses…


so this is what you have to do to put a bmw into neutral if it doesn’t power on.
try doing this on the side of the highway