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I was certainly not trying to challenge you as if you were. Excuse me if it seemed that way. I just wanted to know where you got your figures from so I could maybe learn more from that.


It’s a no brainer for me

I’ve run k&n on every vehicle I’ve had for 18 years.

Some have had performance gains

Over the long term it has been cheaper in terms of filter replacements than oem.

I have run with MAF, no MAF, never had an issue. If you’re getting oil in your MAF you are doing the filter oil WAY over the top.

So uh, RTFM and don’t do that.


That said. The car may need a tune to realise gains depending on what it is.

And the oem paper filters aren’t total garbage.

If an oem could get a few free horsepower with a filter that’s a heap of R&D saved for a better horsepower figure.

I suspect most of the gain people see is going from a clogged old oem filter to a brand new aftermarket one to be honest.

And/or a dyno operator playing with correction factors or intake temp sensor placement. Either intentionally to justify the filter he sold you, or accidentally due to switching from an OEM airbox to something else. Which may have also affected intake tract length which may actually have more impact than the actual filter.

If you are replacing or modifying an air box, the OEM stuff is designed to minimise intake noise, and a whole heap of other stuff not related to power generation.


I know that wheel, 98 to 2002 CVPI steel rim and or full size spare.


yes, it is. but needs brake hoses all the waya round.


My current view, waiting for last hour of race before getting to work.


Got to ride in my boss’s car again, Volvo S90 T6 “Inscription”. Has far less horsepower than I thought it would have, only has just over 300 HP from it’s turbo- and supercharged inline 4 cyl.


Seems like its reaching the limits of a presumably low displacement engine.


It’s a 2.0 liter or something.


Yeah, that’s 2.45hp/ci. A 6l (366ci) at that effeciency would be at 900hp.


That sounds like a waste.


VW has reached good efficiency with their supercharger+turbo 1.4/1.5L engines.
They decouple the supercharger at mid revs and up tho.


In a car that weighs over 4000 pounds too.

Ride was smooth though.


Okay, I guess that’s fair. I just see that as extra complexity for not much gain. Really just looks like a bit of low-end torque.

That makes sense. They don’t need the parasitic loss and the turbo is already providing all the boost they need.


I got a 2.3l ford in trade. Apperently it was built for salt lakes racing and supposedly had fastest land speed record for a few hours in a 1990ish Ford Ranger. This engine has custom mechanical fuel injection and lots of r+d in the head. I’m thinking of trying rally and would like some suggestions of an appropriate car, rwd or awd. I don’t have a transmission yet so suggestions for that as well.
Some pics;


MG BGT? Lol first thing that came to mind.

I’d keep an eye on Craigslist for something cheap, that has a bit of cool factor to it.


There it is. Beautiful.

Someone actually put a smart car in a truck.


it has a model name you know… it’s called the fortwo… they used to make other models too… I quite like the roadster they made…


There’s also a Smart forfour.


As far as I can tell it’s not sold in the states, just the fortwo. I quite like the crossblade too, very quirky. Lol the forfour has a smaller engine than my bike.


Oh, the forfour isn’t sold here. Sad day.
I was trying to convince my mother to get one. She likes small cars, but the fortwo is just too small, but she was somewhat interested in the 4.

I do like the way the new one look… Like a lot. Lol