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I ftfy


Ah yes, thanks. That was a close one. Lol


Muh truck is in the video. Neat


Oh boy!

Unfortunately I’m out of town.

These are super nice. Second set I’ve used.


Really? Like your actual truck or one like it?


one like it. he references the toyota pickup tailgate then it shows a quick little clip


I would get the bronco instead. And swap out the new engine for a stroked 351C.


So after my dad backed into my car and cracked my rear bumper cover a while back I slid into a snowbank (with curb underneath) this morning and cracked my front bumper cover.

Looking at $440 to $550 for just the parts and potentially that again for paint. Boy do I hate the cost of car repairs sometimes.




You’d have to be insane to want to be a rally co-pilot


I was able to buy a bumper for my car pre painted for sub 400 on eBay. It’s not perfect but it’s damn close to the OEM color.


The Fiat Abarth 695 Rivale is also pretty cool.
180HP. :slight_smile:


That doesn’t sound like a bumper to me. Usually they can take more damage than that. Probably upgrade to a chrome or steel bumper.


Received the rotors and traction bars. Kinda want to buy the low profile plates for the front brackets but I’ll go ahead and install these for now. Going to try and finish up the rear end this weekend.


Got my 2019 Colorado last Saturday, I have been loving it more and more everyday.
Its a WT trim Extended Cab with a V6, godbless so it doesn’t have OnStar or XM radio, I never used that crap in my Sonic and poor dad had to sit with an OnStar rep when he got his Silverado.

Click for Pics

Dad bought me a Tonneau cover, Tyger Automotive, pretty sure its the same as his Silverado but his has a Chevy bowtie on it instead of Tyger

Thankfully compatible with moon runes!


Looks a lot nicer than the Toyota Pickup (a la Soulfallen) I saw on a flatbed today.



Ded xD

That thing looks nice. If I’m ever in the market for a truck…



Thank you both of you.
By some miracle it’s slimmer than my Sonic and I have about a foot more space in the garage. Still hesitant to make tight turns while parking but so far so good. I never want to park crooked.

@anon94261841 lmfao Rip Tacoma. For the moment.


Finally replaced my visors, now they snap closed and no more sag
The warning stickers need to go though.


Almost done, want to get some new brake flanges. One has broken 10-24 bolts seized in it, broke an extractor and tap and I’m sick of messing with those tiny bastards. May take a quick trip to the salvage yard tomorrow.