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Ouch muh heart.

Jezus what the actual fuck. Why are manuals so expensive? Automatics are less than half the cost. Still waiting on the shop to call back with a quote for parts but If hes not any better ill just go with summit.


Are, you ordering all that?


Waiting for a quote from a local speed shop. All the used transmissions are around $2k so I might as well buy a rebuilt or new one.


Wow, that’s pricy. What about junkyards?


None in yards around here.
Only thing available are T-5s out of mustangs. They may work but they only hold up to 250-300 ft/lb torque. That’s a gamble, and I’m not a betting man.


Going to a neighbour town today, i want to see a Chevy Omega a store over there has for sale.
Its the most wicked thing, its badged as a Chevy, based on the VT Holden Commodore and has a Buick L36 II engine mated to the well known 4L60-E automatic transmission, and GM itself did this, its 100% stock.


Does it even have locking diffs?


Used or rebuilt?


Nope, it’s independent front suspension with CV axles. Nearly all 90s and forward half ton pickups went to this. It has a 10 bolt rear diff I think, one wheel wonder style.

The airbag idea is interesting. At least for the front. The rear has giant coilover shocks, again because its a “heavy” half ton. I just replaced those recently.




Just get a f250 from a government auction site instead. Cheaper than the trans and labor for it.


Rebuilt. If its too much then I’ll buy new.


Nah. Just get a used f250 with a manual trans.


I’d rather die.

I drove one for work and called it the space shuttle but cause its unmanageable. Nearly killed me.


Ah, that’s unfortunate.

Wow, that’s weak. The stock 4.3 would be pushing it with it’s 260 lb-ft. Lol
I wouldn’t do it either.


Sounds like an alignment issue to me.


Yeah they’re not known for strength. Tremec even lists as light duty.

“moderate horsepower applications.” Lel with stock NA LS engines over 400hp I think they need to redefine moderate.


What GM trans would you like. I’d guess something that could be found in a Camaro.

I haven’t looked into other trans yet.


Which is a t-56 aka overpriced. I found some crusty ones for $1800. So the TKO is next best option IMO. I think my engine is between 300 and 400hp.


Oh, it’s in the chick Camaros. I see those for sale cheap all the time. I was even looking at a Z/28 for $800 a while ago, but I assume you looked for them already.

I’ll be shooting for those numbers with mine. Between 300 and 400 sounds like reliable daily able power.