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Perfect. Still need to check mesh pattern and set pinion preload, but its close to done. I’m getting tired may finish tomorrow.
Traction bars and rotors will be in later this week. Excitement is brewing.

Also picked up some shocks, brake hoses, brake cleaner and gun lube because amsoil and its cool.


Bought an apple keyboard on fleabay because it had this cool little cover, perfect for oily dirty hands doing Google searches in the garage

Now that the esxi box is right there, will either run the physicalized win10 or an Ubuntu VM for the Google station.


When I take the IS out it reminds me that I used to like driving haha. I have to keep it short and close because the non-op status- just enough to heat cycle, evap stuff from the oil and lube the gears.

Could you say MS is the Linux of engine management?


Oh, absolutely. I’d say that it’s more Ubuntu than Gentoo though.


Or maybe Debian and when bought from DIYautotuning it’s now Conical/Ubuntu :wink:


I’d say DIYautotune gives you debian/ubuntu, the kit gives you gentoo.


Yeah, drift truck!

That’s very cool. Glad to see it coming along.


Had the zexel torsen in my last s10, HATED that it would unlock when taking turns. So trying an Eaton limited slip this time. Also have the 2.25 turn steering box so its going to be a handful I think.


Last best American car ever made was the Mercury Marauder.


Faulty valve cover gaskets. Oil is being slung up when I lay my foot down. Oil is hitting the exhaust manifold burning off and giving a burnt oil smell.


Alright, so this might be a mostly rhetorical question, as I don’t know if I really want to do this in any case.

Basically I may want to put a plow on my truck. The guy who has the plow would have to do some cutting and welding and remove the front bumper to even get it to work. But he mentioned that putting the plow on my half ton truck might not be the best option, and that the front end would be squatting quite a bit.

So my question is what would I do to beef up the front suspension? And maybe lift it just a bit? Is there really much that can be done with the IFS?

The truck:


IIRC, those use torsion bar springs, would definitely look into swapping them out for hd or lift ones, maybe pirate4x4 will have a decent sub forum for those trucks.

also that extra weight is going to change the handling


It is indeed torsion bar based front suspension. For a little bit I ran the truck with cranked torsion bars, and it raised the front end about an inch and a half. I backed that back down to stock when I noticed noises coming from the front end. Not good.

I’ll look into different torsion bars and keys maybe. The problem I’ve always heard of is there isn’t all that much room for adjustment because of the steering/suspension geometry. Hence the noises mentioned above.

I forgot to mention that this truck has a whole bunch of heavy duty RPO codes in the glove box: F44, brakes, radiator, oil/trans cooler, suspension, a few other things. It’s basically a “heavy” half ton.

Also, my dream would be to do a solid front axle swap. It really is a dream, though. I don’t think I have the knowledge or skills to do that. I have access to a 6BT Cummins with an Allison transmission, but that would be way out there. Huge job and almost certainly beyond what I could do. And I would need some Dana 60/80 axles front and rear. Definitely a dream.


Airbags are often used to temporarily beef up a suspension. You could just inflate them when the plow is on to stiffen it up then deflate when it’s off for the season.


Ooh i didn’t consider front bags, a great idea if you’re going to be taking the plow on and off @marasm

If they even make them for ifs 4x4


It’s probably going to have to be a custom fab job but it should be fairly elementary as far as fabrication goes.


Happy New Year guys and gals!

Deboss garage blowing up an engine that’s bigger than @sgtawesomesauce’s Miata.



Last ride of 2018.

A Pontiac Solstice sits on an empty street, a Panther in front. This security company can use this photo for a fee.

Obligatory. INB4 @Skelterz tells me to burn my POS.


Funny thing about those pickups, they all look the same to me. :slight_smile: