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Even non projector lights from the 70s are set up with bias…

But modern 90s onward cars have housings for the lights that I believe are biased.

They’re adjustable but not sure if you can adjust to get the bias out. You can typically adjust them up and down but the beam shape will still probably be wrong, because the internals of the housing are probably a different shape.

You’ll find out soon enough when you try to adjust them.


See here.


Let me just add this POS to my harem.


Damn, $350? I can’t imagine anything would work on that thing.


So busted even the windshield is completely opaque


Well, if the stars and planets align, my sister will actually buy my car off of me on Friday.
Then I can go an get Chevy Colorado financed. Jaysus.
The Colorado extended cab for $24K is perfect for me. Rarely have passengers besides my little niece and nephew and they will fit just fine in the back.


Someone stole it, hit something, and just left it in this parking lot. The cops found it, but they’re not willing to investigate.

Anyways, it fired right up after letting it charge for a bit, it has 350k miles on it, and that’s all I know. Feels and sounds like it runs good. I’m at the DMV with him
now to take care of the title.

I’ll probably do the Gambler 500 with it, and then part it out.


Oh shit, you’re actually buying it.


If nothing else I want that very hard to find manual, even if I have to rebuild it.


Don’t tempt me.


Do it!

Actually I’ve never done it before, but I imagine it’ll be a lot of fun.

This beauty is all mine. Lol

I may try to just fix it here. The damage honestly doesn’t look that bad.


Lmao, you’re an amazing person.

I really want to, but I don’t think socal has one. Or at least, there are no cars cheap enough for it here. The floor is basically 1500 for a car that turns over.


Ouch. Do they have the gambler 500 there?


I don’t know. I can’t get into their forums.

Honestly, if they do, there’s probably gonna be a higher limit.


Even if it is $500 there it’s not a requirement (at least here). Last year my buddies were trying to convince me to take my Blazer, and people do take their nicer trucks on it. I don’t think they qualify for the prizes though, but really who goes there for the prices anyways. Lol

What area of Calli are you in? I want to see what your working with as far a cheap cars.


San Diego.

There is a ford aerostar for $750 with a blown head gasket. That might be a fun one.


whats this

remember “fun>rules” and “don’t be a dick”

Dont know what it is and i like it already.



the best


Got you right here fam!

Mazda fuckin 323

You want a more practical but worst wheel drive Miata? Lol

Kidding aside it actually looks pretty clean, but I don’t know about that California non-op thing and if it’ll be a problem.

Dude, I’m dying here. Seriously this couldn’t check any more boxes for me. This is the coolest car in the planet, and there’s one actually in the US, and it’s near you. I want it so bad.


Hmm. No title is a hard sell. The Gambler usually goes on public roads.


I was looking for a description to quote, but this video will do nicely.