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Damn, well this sucks. Brother-in-Law has 2004 Toyota Highlander with a V6.
Looking for a replacement air filter box, from what we have been looking at, you can order the OEM part but its around $500 (its the whole assembly that includes, bottom, top, and MAF sensor), found a used one for $200 but that still really sucks to throw $200 at a 14yo car.

He currently has it zip-tied, which I think is fine, worst case he can leave it zip-tied or find a bungie laying around to keep it closed.
I say we just piece it back together and JB-weld the clips to the bottom housing.


lets wait to see what failed first…


He probably puts that much in fuel in it every month. Not a ton in the grand scheme of car ownership.

What’s wrong with it? That’s probably an appropriate solution.


Talked with him this morning, said a clip was missing. Pretty most of the clips are fairly similar but will have to double check. Could just glob the JB weld all over the clips since the housing part retaining the clips is broken too.


Step dad was in town, talked to him about what was going on with my truck, he was like “It’s gotta be the TPS” before i even told him what my hunch was so i just ordered one lol. worse case scenario I eliminate something that is prone to high milage failure and prevent it from happening later.



meanwhile in WRX land… trying to find new JDM headlights is not easy found these but it’s a fucking grand



Wouldn’t JDM be a pain in the balls over there because they aim the wrong way, i.e., into oncoming traffic’s eyes, and away from the side of the road you are closest to?


The drivers position compensates that. All it take to go into oncoming traffic while driving on the right side is a little push to the left.


I think you’re not quite understanding what hes saying. The beam pattern is setup for those that drive on the left side of the road meaning there is likely a bias for brighter light on the left where there isnt normally any traffic. Where as here there would be. I think it could be adjusted out of it but what do I know?


They’re adjustable. I haven’t noticed a bias with my USDM lights it’s fairly even and wide spread.


are they projectors or reflectors on the USDM?




:man_shrugging: idk then. I though most modern cars did have a bias.


Well it’s an 06 projectors were fairly new in Cars. It’s not super defined like modern projectors are


Good quality knock off snorkel hit the market, taking a $350 imported snorkel down to $98 shipped- fomo hit.
Painful drilling holes…

EAF points aquired.





I could waste too much time watching that shit.


Don’t you want to learn more about Dougs unique quirks and features?


Cleaned the shop a bit and started prepping to reassemble the axle. Still need to clean the housing, order the traction bars and I might find a better set of caliper brackets as the ones I have are pretty crusty.