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The above also applies to GTI drivers where I live.


That can be fixed.

Buy manual transmission and pedal box.

Or even better, piss everybody off and put an LS+TR6060 in it :smiley:


Exactly. With older cars like this, you don’t even need a pedal box, you just need the manual pedal lever and a clutch pedal and hydraulics.

But he’s just finished with a manual conversion, so he’s probably not thrilled with the idea of doing that again.


A front clip won’t get you a rear diff :smiley:


Ah, i haven’t had that much to do with old, old cars.

But yeah. Either way if you’re going to be making stupid power out of a rotor you want to put a better gearbox in it anyway. Memory is a bit hazy, but if the standard gearbox is like most mazda gearboxes of the era, it is made of double brie.


Those RX7 5 speeds are good for just short of 400tq. I entertained the idea of a swap for my miata since it’s a direct swap.

The miata 5 speed is good for about 300tq, but its shifts are so smooth. After that, you start shearing synchros. I know a guy who went through 3 miata transmissions in a 5 month period.

If you’re making more than 400tq in an RX7, you have a deathwish. (and a major issue hooking up)


Haha. There are rotaries over here pushing over 1000 hp (more rotors admittedly, the torque on that would be over 400 at a guess… lots of boost). A friend had a series 6 back in the early 00s that maxed out the local dyno :smiley:


Yeah, I’m talking on the stock 2 rotor. If you want to go high power, you’re at least swapping in a 3 rotor, which means you’re probably dropping 20k on the powertrain at a minimum, so you might as well include a transmission.

As someone who’s driven an RS7, a bone stock Miata, an AMG GTS and a large number of “boring cars”, I can attest that slow car fast is more fun than fast car fast.

Which is why I really regret selling my Buick Park Avenue. That thing was too fun.


Lol I’d be pissing my self off. /s
I’m ok-ish with other people doing it, but the whole point for me is the Rotary.


Owning a rotary and constantly breaking apex seals will cure that :smiley:


I definitely don’t want a daily it. I want a junk one so I can beat on it on the weekends.


fixed :smiley:


Speaking of 400 ft-lb. I got a new car with that spec.

Actually it’s a 2015 not a 2014 so it only has 327 :disappointed_relieved:
Supposedly mine accelerate harder though.


Same dif. Lol


Heh. My ute has about 400 ft-lb.

I think its something like 390 stock, but mine isn’t stock.


This only has 140hp, so it would lose for sure. 0-60 is 7.2 for this thing.


Replaced the leaf?


Yup. It’s drivetrain is way better than the Leaf, but the interior is absolutely trash compared to the Leaf.

2013 to 2015.
60k miles to 28k miles.
Base model to fully loaded.


Why did you replace the leaf? Isn’t the range lower on this one?