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Yeah… I’m tired of having tread on my tires. /s Lol

If it works, I might be able to send a false signal to the car to make it think it’s doing 35mph, which will allow me to have 100% from a dig (the spark doesn’t allow full power until 35mph).

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They don’t have a tuning solution for this?

Not in the slightest. Chevy has to have something somewhere, but I haven’t been able to to find even the sight hint that it exists. It’s been unfortunately how little I’ve found for it.

The Bolt shares somewhat similar parts with the Spark, so maybe something will turn up for it that might happen to work with the Spark. IDK

I’d like to just swap in a speed controller, but I can’t find anything that will out put neer the kind of power my Spark does now.

Battery is 400 volts and the stock speed controller can dump 120kwh into the motor. It only has a 19kw battery though. Lol

Is250 OEM head unit sh#t the bed. A new one is $$$$, so enter, aftermarket.

I think they were designed with markets other than usdm in mind, there are a number of shortcomings, but some fixable with apps and some hardware hacking.

12vdc to 6vdc regulator and RCA tap assembled to get my rear cam working


@sgtawesomesauce I’m really starting to get the itch to get a miata. Tell me again why not NA?

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I’ll start my car lounging with this: Got myself new car few days ago :slight_smile:

2017, about 40k so far. 1,4L TSI engine and automatic transmission.

And my car history thus far:

Saab 900 -96 (my first love, no turbo)
Saab 9-3 -02, turbo, still miss that car :sob:
Opel Karl -15

And current:
VW Jetta


Nice! That thing looks brand new!


Ah Swedish and Chevy. I like your taste.

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Thanks! It’s 2017 model, don’t want to get brand new. Don’t know about the states but in here new cars lose roughly 10% of their value once you drive them out from the dealership.

Maybe I will buy brand new car when I’m filthy rich :stuck_out_tongue: which is never :smile:

We should start up L1T Swedish car club :wink:

Was considering Volvo V40 -2016 but got better deal on VW. Maybe next time.

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  1. Creaks and rattles.
  2. Too expensive
  3. Nb makes 40 more hp and has vvt!
  4. NC block is capable of fuck you power.
  5. ND is the one you want. (find it used)

I was really thinking about kmiata

you think the nc block is really better than kswap?

yes I do want an nd but arent they kind not great, too heavy, too slow?

ND is the lightest miata ever.

You’re thinking NC.

And BTW, NC isn’t that heavy or slow. It really feels like a complete car.

I’m going off of what savagegeese had to say about it because I cant afford one :cry:

There’s your first problem

This was fun to watch.

Looks cool, any plans for the car yet?
I think a nice set of 18inch black rimms would do nice.
1.4Tsi in the early years had issues with the distribution chains.
However they did a modification to that in 2013 or 2014 i believe.
So you’re good. :slight_smile:

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I know that store. I used to know the two dudes next door that had an import auto
performance shop.

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I was thinking if I should get bigger rims for summer tires. I like current rims, but they could be bit bigger.

Or maybe I take care of all the payments first and consider new stuff for the car after that. :smile:

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Because the ND engine is the fucking best shit since anime

What the heck is wrong with German cars 10-15 why were all of them having timing and distribution chain issues. Like literally all of them :sweat_smile:

Huh interesting tip. No wonder I got no rust up here in the northwest