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Ah well you could drift on lowbudget.
Toyota mr2, Ford sierra you name it haha.

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Powerglide Yeah you know what’s up haha, I’ve sold a few cars to family members, but they always seem to come back.

This happened to my dad’s brand new (94 I think) Suzuki Swift GTI

My neighbor has a MR2. Super crazy how they just dropped there FWD stuff in the back of it (good idea to keep thinks cheep)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Ford sierra.

This is my buddies budget drifter (It actually works really good). I’d probably end up doing something similar with a different truck (Mitsubishi Mighty Max).


In the US it had the unfortunate name of Merkur XR4Ti.

They were supposed to be good cars with a turbo 4 cylinder, in Europe.
In the US dealers didn’t know how to sell or service them.

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I remember Car and Driver said they were sooooo good and so cheap dealers would have to fight off buyers trying to get one. Later they joked about how wrong they were :slight_smile:
First car 73 civic (and first valve job myself)
First new car 92 teal green Escort GT (flipped :sob:)
Next marriage, wife had car and furniture, I had a bag of clothes.
92 Metro (first engine overhaul which was fun), Wife and I drove this from California to PA without killing eachother!

2000 Toyota Corrolla, 19 years till body rotted out.
2004 Chevey Cavalier, great engine, daughters first car, after 2 months took to garage to check it out. Body rotted

Daughters second car 16 Versa automatic, Her smile when she saw it was worth more then Jay Leno’s collection


Audi A1 1.6TDI 2013
I only started driving in 2014, I had to leave one insurance company early because they wanted stupid amounts of cash to switch to business insurance.
Additionally it has great MPG, hitting around 65/70MPG and when you are doing around 500 miles a week its great, its reliable as all hell and we are a big Audi family.
I live with my girlfriend and her dad, he also has two Audi A6’s.
One is a 2005 2.7TDI but the bell housing failed last year, we just haven’t got around to selling it yet.
He now drives in a 2009 A6 2.0TDI which while no where near as powerful or fun as the 2.7, is still a comfortable car.

As for the future well it depends, I am hoping to have either an A6 2.0TDI quattro or Q5 2.0TDI quattro, he wants a Audi A8 4.2FSI next.

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Oh you had an Escort GT. How on earth did it flip? Mine seams really well planted for it’s age.
That Geo looks extremely familiar haha

I’ll take this opportunity to tell my Geos stories
First Metro I got from my father in a trade (don’t remember what). It hardly ran, but it still got 48mpg, and it had 340,000 miles on it when it went to the scrap yard.
Only picture I have is one from when my father owned it

Later I got 2 for free out of my father’s boss’s yard.
Drove this one. The only thing I did with it was a manual swap. It did eventually blow up on me.

Those stickers/decals came with it

I used this one as a part’s car, and rebuilt the engine to go into the blue one. First overhaul, but I stripped a bolt for the oil pump, so it wouldn’t hold oil, and that was about the time I got the Volvo C70, so I couldn’t be bothered to work on them anymore.

Colors on the hood was me messing around with that Plasti Dip paint stuff.

And lastly a high school buddy needed some money, so I bought this for $200.

Then i sold sold those last 3 Geos, and any related stuff for $200 because I was tired of them taking up space.

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Same here. Something about them makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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I think this one looks just fine. Thoughts?

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I think it looks good. I like how the LCD fills the area between the analog gauges.

I don’t mind LCD gauges as they can be changed up however you want (in theory).

My father had a Mark II Escort. He rolled it up a bridge.
This bridge


Wow. That must have been quite the scenario to have that happen.

Story was his parents were out of the country, He was stuck behind some old couple driving 60kph in a 100kph zone. When he got a chance he sped past flipping the old couple off. Only a few seconds late one of his tyres blew (His father was cheap and bought trash tyres) and so the car spun and rolled up the bridge. Dog in back rotating in the mirror.

The old couple ended up dobbing him in though it’s doubtful he was speeding at the time. Just crap tyres.

Later on he had a Mark II Cortina. Rebuilt the engine, did an amazing job. It purred. It was then stolen. Cops found it but he did such a good job on the engine it outran the cops. Later found dumped with the engine ripped out.


My cousin didn’t try to out run the cops, but it took a while for them to catch up with her.
She drove a Toyota Tercel at 110MPH through Queens, NYC.

Once she pulled over the NYPD cop said to her…
“Look lady, the only reason I’m not taking your license right now is I would have to go into court and no judge in the country would believe this shit box is capable of doing 110.”

She didn’t even get a ticket. LOL


Interesting car. Never seen one and we get a lot of Japanese cars. Must be an American market jap car

Got to love “shit boxes”, you can have a lot of fun in a cheap car you don’t care to much about (I actually really care about mine, but I still drive it like I stole).

The fastest I got mine up to was 110mph as well, and it took forever (Gray car)

What country are you in?

New Zealand

Oh, so do you have most the same cars that Australia has?

My first car (the beetle) was a real shit box. The floor and the exhaust were rusted and the defroster in old beetle are on the muffler so I had to drive with the windows open all the time. The 3-speed semi auto either 1st and 2nd worked or 1st and 3rd worked, but never all three. I did an oil change and there was a ton of metal shavings in the filter so I knew the engine was toast. 0-60 in 10 minutes.

I always wanted a Baja Bug so I tried to kill it completely by taking it on the local motocross trails.
Those beetles are pretty tough. It was catching 6 feet of air with ease!
I sold it to some idiot (stupider than me anyway) because while the underneath was garbage the body looked perfect.

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