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I’m likely going to stick with a petrol car.
Since older reliable diesel cars are not allowed in most cities anymore.

Maybe i’m going for a BMW 3 series or maybe a Mercedes C class.



Well that’s why I mentioned the CNG conversion. Its so clean burning it maybe able to snag a euro 6 recert sticker not sure if you can do that in Europe like we can with emissions in the united states…

I’ll be honest between a BMW3 and a mercedes C class I would take the Mercedes as its so much nicer of a ride. The BMW3 will be much more young and springy and fast though… So its a trade off…



I am waiting for the nuclear hybrid electric car…

Im thinking 1 induction motor per wheel



I don’t like electric vehicles because they take maintenance out of the common man or lady’s hand… How many people know how to wind the copper core of an induction motor? I do … I’m an electrical engineer… Its not hard just need the proper tools… How many people have a foundry to make electrical grade copper and separate all the slag for the level of purity you need for the motor in a car… Not the average person…

We have this label and stigma (largely thanks to California) that big oil is BAD but in reality natural gas is extremely clean burning and far more reliable than gasoline or diesel… It can be started like its warm out in the depths of antarctica… Like come on what’s not to love. It release no unburnt hydrocarbons. Its only emissions are water and CO2 and a small tiny amount of NOx which believe it or not in small quantities is a decent thing. Also electric cars have a carbon foot print to make rare earth minerals for batteries… Copper mines for the copper think about it… It doesn’t make much sense really…

I’m an EE and I don’t believe in the electric car craze what does that tell ya… Heck water is a greenhouse gas guys come on lol :joy: if we justify things willy nilly without question to the downsides there’s a problem… Nuclear power won’t be good till fusion and won’t be small enough for cars for at least a century… You know



If we in Europe with our extensive natural gas pipe network were to switch to H2 instead of LNG, Fuelcell cars would be an option.
Even better, you could put “H2 Generators” (Electrolosys Columns?) in the base of offshore wind turbines and just put pipes to shore.



Came to share this video, but @Eden beat me to it.

This chick made a truck out of a Tesla Model 3.



I think I just commented about cars being unmaintainable by common folk. I’m strongly against engineering solutions that people can’t maintain and replace. the catalyst on hydrogen fuel cells is easily poisoned… People think to big they need to think simple… Occam’s razor



Okay that’s dope I kinda wanna see… I’d never buy or do that but I wanna see the creativity

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No way they’d release it open like that. I’ve seen that tech before, on tractors.



I mean, when you start driving, the ice will crack and fall out.



So the common person is going to cast a new engine block then machine it for the right clearances so they can rebuild their motor?




IMO it is just a nice way to solve two problems in one stroke:

  1. Refueling on H2 takes as long as regular gas
  2. Long distance electricity distribution is a difficult thing (not technically, but because people dislike high voltage cables and transmission lines “near” their house).

The LNG pipelines are there anyway, so why not use them?



True, but what about Rocks, and dirt getting caked on unevenly. They would constantly need to be balanced, or cleaned. Also debris flying out at high speeds should be a concern. I think they’d in close it if they were to release it for cars.



Time to bring back hub caps.
Guess wheel covers in this case.



If you’re referring to that being a possibility with wheels, I think it would be more of a problem with something constantly bending and squishing.



Nice straw man, what’s his name?

The equivalent there would be rebuilding top or bottom end, tbh.

I’m a fucking clown and I’ve done it. It’s not hard, as long as you follow the steps.



So tesla’s got this new thing where you can play racing games, controlling it with the wheel.

Imagine the bald spots on your tires after a few races lol

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I would hope there’s a disconnect built-in, otherwise ya that’d be a problem.

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It would also feel weird.




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