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That foam made the stains worse sadly.



Anyone have experience with E85? I just filled up with it today. Tired of paying almost $4 a gallon in the spring/summer. Tank was already half full with 87 so I’m not sure I’ll notice any difference. The cost is just soooo much cheaper though. I have a 36 gallon tank, so I literally saved about $18 today by going with E85.

87 - $3.89 to $4.29 depending on the station
E85 - $3.09 but only two pumps in my entire city

How do you feel about E85? Are there any advantages other than price? I’ve read claims that it’s good for your engine, increases performance, etc. But I’ve also read from some that their car felt sluggish and their fuel economy was worse.

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Your engine has to use 30% more fuel running e85 than it does on regular gas.

So if it’s not >30% cheaper… You only think you saved money.



That sucks. Sorry for the suggestion.



Is your car designed for it?

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as per @nx2l, fuel cost is NOT a reason to buy E85 or any ethanol blend unless it is significantly cheaper.

E85 can make far more power (if you burn enough of it via boost) if you tune for it due to the cooling properties of the fuel but as above you need to burn more of it to make the same power.



It’s about 25% cheaper if you’re comparing it to Costco or Arco, maybe 30% if you’re comparing it to Shell or Chevron. I’m going to reset my mpg’s tomorrow and see if there if there is any difference over time. I found a video of a guy with the same truck as me and he was only getting 1-2 mpg lower (so like 10% lower on average).

Although maybe this isn’t the best time to test it, because I still had half a tank of 87.

Yes, it’s got the FlexFuel badge (which I’m thinking of removing because it looks silly) and the E85 ring inside the fuel lid. And I looked it up just to triple check. It’s a 2014 5.0L F-150.

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Now this is a soft top for a bronco that doesn’t look hokey looking.



OKAY you MIGHT have convinced me on the 2.7 … Fuel economy is great and the turbos dont fail often and are easy to lengthen the life of…

say a catch can system on the ecoboost basically removes the issue with direct injection right?

@sgtawesomesauce have you had good experiences with catch cans on DI systems yet or know anybody that has?

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carpet shampoo…the kind that foams, if you can’t make a thick layer of foam with it it won’t work. Use a medium stiffness brush and do that until you see the dirt coming out into the foam. repeat till clean.

keep going.



Painted and installed the rollpan today. Started polishing the bed corners and tailgate to see how close the rattlecan paint was. Good enough for me! There’s so much wear on the rest of the body its not worth paying a shop to paint one piece when the whole truck needs done.

Such a pretty color though. Don’t think I would change it.

Got some new mirrors and a CAI to install yet.



I hope you convinced yourself lol. I definitely don’t want to push anyone in any direction. I try to just lay out options and share what I like about them, and since I’m a boost guy I heavily lean towards the eco boost, but you did mention boosting the 5.0 which sounds like a fantastic option to me.



It’s look good man. I like the flush bumper. Bet those tires don’t hold the power at all though. lol

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It would be epic but then I think use case? Why would I EVER need that kind of power. Rather I would probably take the route of making the 2.7 or 5.0 as economically friendly as possible. Reducing emissions by running E85 or in the 5.0’s case E85+Propane Autogas duel fuel



Can you not run propane on the 2.7?



Im not very sure?



Do you see any potential problems? Boost wouldn’t be a problem right?



It shouldn’t be it has an octane rating of 95 minimum. They dont cold start well at least without a proper tune… so Thats why Gasoline or E85 should be used to warm up the engine if tuned properly. Problem is both E85 and Autogas (propane LPG) are not as regulated

It pisses me off that most manufacturers wont optimize for cold starts and rather use Gasohol. I think the problems have went away circa 2010 upward

However @TeckMonster 2.7 does not come with a convert kit only the 5.0

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Spins even when being easy.

Installing these with some 10" tires soonish.

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