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I-am about to buy two Justy’s,
One for parts (bad engine) and the other to build upon



Hmmmm just curious since I don’t want to burn anything over time.

towards Diff and axel

towards knuckle

It’s about 6 to 7 inches from either.

Nevermind the tail pipe for now lol.

Damn thanks for the recommendation for the Thrush Welded. Definitely the sound I was looking for an no rasp what so ever. Definitely going to give it a good rip after work tonight.

Also checked dif lines and knuckle. Not even warm. Tail pipe was plenty hot.



That’s stupid. Diesel is cleaner than gas



Definitely a winner on my jeep, bit of rumble at idle and cruising but not annoying

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Yeah the straight pipe was a bit… Embarrassing. The ZZPerformance muffler and stock resonator we’re not bad but definitely wanted a bit more noise.

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Ya, but it’s more about giving themselves a pat on the back than actually doing what makes sense. “Renewable” resources only, you damn dirty capitalist.



Nice! I hope we can get a video. I’ll probably get one if I like it.

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Definitely tonight. Do a little pull with my crappy phone audio lol.

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Beginning of diy tire swing out



@TeckMonster found an old sony Lav mic in my box of wires. Going to mic up the exhaust instead of the getting the mic inside the vehicle, mostly the sound of air whooshing by lol.

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Best way to clean cloth seats? As you can tell, mine are worse for the wear.



Do the same as I do to my socks - turn them inside out.

You could try the foaming rug cleaner.



That foam made the stains worse sadly.



Anyone have experience with E85? I just filled up with it today. Tired of paying almost $4 a gallon in the spring/summer. Tank was already half full with 87 so I’m not sure I’ll notice any difference. The cost is just soooo much cheaper though. I have a 36 gallon tank, so I literally saved about $18 today by going with E85.

87 - $3.89 to $4.29 depending on the station
E85 - $3.09 but only two pumps in my entire city

How do you feel about E85? Are there any advantages other than price? I’ve read claims that it’s good for your engine, increases performance, etc. But I’ve also read from some that their car felt sluggish and their fuel economy was worse.

  • Love it
  • Hate it
  • Meh

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Your engine has to use 30% more fuel running e85 than it does on regular gas.

So if it’s not >30% cheaper… You only think you saved money.



That sucks. Sorry for the suggestion.



Is your car designed for it?

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as per @nx2l, fuel cost is NOT a reason to buy E85 or any ethanol blend unless it is significantly cheaper.

E85 can make far more power (if you burn enough of it via boost) if you tune for it due to the cooling properties of the fuel but as above you need to burn more of it to make the same power.



It’s about 25% cheaper if you’re comparing it to Costco or Arco, maybe 30% if you’re comparing it to Shell or Chevron. I’m going to reset my mpg’s tomorrow and see if there if there is any difference over time. I found a video of a guy with the same truck as me and he was only getting 1-2 mpg lower (so like 10% lower on average).

Although maybe this isn’t the best time to test it, because I still had half a tank of 87.

Yes, it’s got the FlexFuel badge (which I’m thinking of removing because it looks silly) and the E85 ring inside the fuel lid. And I looked it up just to triple check. It’s a 2014 5.0L F-150.

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