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Beauty. These cars have always topped my favorite list.

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Alfa is back.
I bet @MisteryAngel will be pleased to know that.



Maybe it can bring a hint of competition back to F1, but I doubt it.

Lamborghini Rear Wing.


The wing is hollow and the left and right are separated by a wall. At the base of the rear wing there are 2 scoops with a flap that feed air into the wing struts. Most of the time the scoops are shut for full wing downforce. Sensors detect when the flaps open to release air through the slots on the underside of the wing, reducing downforce and drag. It’s like the wing is no longer there! They open at high speed and on the outside wheel in a corner so the un-weighted inside wheel gets more downforce. There are flaps in the front bumper too.


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That’s freaking awesome!

Never knew they did that sort of active downforce adjustment.

My 1987 Mitsubishi Starion
The car was pulled out from hidding in 2015 where it sat (from my understanding since 2010 but i think it sat longer than that) here a picture of when I found it00m0m_12c12wQBcGB_600x450
there is still a lot I need to do, as I save my money my expectations of what I want to do to it change. Kinda stuck on what I wanna do I want to build it for autocross, but everyone I know is big on drag racing tho so they just wanna see this thang go fast!


Oh my. One of my dream cars. My first car was a 81 Ram 50 aka Mitsubishi Mighty Max, so I’m a big fan of Mitsubishis and that is one I was looking for, but I never had any luck finding a reasonable one.

Very cool car, and I’m sooo jealous.

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I’d always check the for sale section on the starquestclub forums if your looking at getting one people are most active on there and the various facebook pages.

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Cool concepts. Which is your favorite? I like the Mini-Square.

The FWD cab will have 3 wheels and detaches from the bed like a semi.


I love how this beautiful Swedish Charger was homemade in a garage to look stock, but it isn’t.

I drive a custom Charger too, but it’s not as nice.

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Yeah i have heard about that, really great to see them back.
Really looking forward to how they gonne do at the races.

Alfa Romeo has such a big racing history.
They really should be back.


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I’m not normally a SUV fan, but I want this one so much.

Stingers here! Get your Stinger here!

It;s a fuckin station wagon! Granted, awd, but still, it’s a fuckin station wagon.

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I love station wagons!

My obtainable dream car.
Volvo V70R with the hard to find 6 speed manual.


If I ever get a station wagon, it will be a hearse. from the '50’s.
Tho I did have a lot of fun in a '70’s Datsun wagon.

Closest thing to a station wagon I want is something like a mini clubman. Some wagons are alright but for the most part… gross.

How about a 1966 Oldsmobile 442 Vista Cruiser.
Yeah! Datsun, lightweight and RWD. Weld the diff, throw some Federal Super Steels on it, and it will happily get sideways even with the stock 1.6L. Sooo much fun!

@ThatBootsGuy I fell in love with the near sports car handling, with almost minivan practicality.


Well the Volvo Amazon Combi is way more nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

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