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My ride from 1985-1998 when a van hit me. I called it my Porsche in a box.



Not a fan of diesel, but it’s a good looking car, great deal too!

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Yeah, I was originally looking for petrols since I prefer them and the UK government is about to about face on favouring diesel as the green option (as far as taxation goes). On the bright side I already own a 2006 Mazda 3 sport with a 2l petrol engine which is usually used by my wife, who does the local journeys whilst most of my miles are on the motorways.

That reminds me of my first car. I wanted a Golf, but I ended up with a 1990 Austin Maestro that was painted bright yellow because its first owner had been BAA and it had speant its early life driving around Heathrow Airport. The daft thing is it got written off when someone drove into it. “I didn’t see you” she said - how the hell she missed a bright yellow car on a clear day I’ll never know!

1.3L engine, 4 speed manual, 0-62mph ~ 20 minutes.


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Ha Ha HA!

The exact same thing happened to me a week after I got my yellow Subaru WRX.
The landlord’s guy came in his pickup truck to cut the grass and backed into my door when leaving.
"I didn’t see it."
He just finished cutting the grass, how could he not know it was there!?

The asshole landlord made the poor fellow pay for my repairs out of pocket
(he didn’t want his insurance company to know).

I too had (have) a little hatchback.
89 Mazda 323 (my 2nd car)
1.6L, 83 HP, 92 lb-ft
4 speed manual
0-60 10.6 seconds (10.8 personal best IIRC)
I’ve gotten 39 MPG, but mostly ended up with 32 thanks to my extremely spirited driving.
Only option it had was AC.
I had a lot of fun in this car, and have plans for it in the near future, involving a different engine, and boost.

I’ve also owned some Geo Metros, and my brother had a Suzuki Swift.

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I still want one.


I still have dreams of doing a 3 link on my xj but don’t have the work space at the moment.

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All you need is a driveway. I did a turbo engine and auto to manual swap to my Volvo in my buddies driveway.

Do you do much off roading, or wanting to get into it?

I’ve done some, jeep is already lifted just want to take it to the next level.

sadly I don’t have a driveway (condo complex)
my work has a massive unused shop but the owner is an ahole

I finally finished installing a Bud Built trac bar on the ole’ Tacoma! Been sitting on it for a LONG time but the extra large TRD muffler was in the way- finally got a smaller (yet still quiet, I don’t want to hear my exhaust) muffler in and could slap in this trac bar I’ve been sitting on for years. Feels kind of weird to not have leaf spring binding and clunking anymore and the throttle response to power to ground response is so different now (no longer getting dampened by leaf flex). Now the bummer, the new muffler is not 100% as quiet as OEM, I’m thinking of slapping in a small resonator upstream as well.

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Cool! Judging from previous conversations we’ve had I assume you’re Jeep is a daily driver, and if that’s the case you might not want to weld your rear diff, but that would probably make the biggest improvement with off roading right now. The cons, more tire wear, and driving in snow is almost impossible.

Also is it auto or manual?

That sucks, but I can kinda understand where he’s coming from. Automotive project can last a long time a be very messy. You project look pretty straight forward though.

Probably take you less than 3 hours.

not my daily anymore.
the shit thing my manager keeps a trailer and a boat there but the owner won’t let me or my coworker store out jeeps

nah, I’m not buying a kit, all home brew, got most of the parts already just need some DOM tube

Weld that diff! What kinda off roading? My guess would be crawling.

Your welding it up?

If you’re dead set on keeping it so quiet, your best bet would probably be to move the OEM muffler. I haven’t really looked into resonators so I’m not sure what that would do. I though they were used to take the raspiness out of the exhaust notes not necessarily make it quieter.

i’ll keep the open diff for now, more interested in trails.

yup gonna weld my own together, also have a set of frame stiffeners since the unibody is like wet noodle.

Very cool. I haven’t done much welding yet, but a good welder is the next tool I plan to buy.

Haha, should of seen this when we cut the top off.

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haha, looks like you caged it properly, flipping over on rocks isn’t really my idea of fun.

Not my Jeep, but I did help with the build quite a bit. My buddy did most the welding.
I’m not in that picture BTW.

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