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L1's Garage

There was another one that was super neat. Autozam? I think it was mazda.

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Yes sir. Ragular Car Reviews did a video on it.


Found some sources, but it’s like $1000 for the whole shebang. Like 6 months ago I could have gotten an entire catback for $300 :frowning:

Guess this car will be permanently boring.

Got mine done in stainless for $700 lol.

Yeah, I’ll have to check around. There’s a custom exhaust shop 20 minutes from work, they might be able to do something.

I miss that nice boxer rumble.

This thread has gotten active enough I feel I should put more effort into it, so I’m going to change the name to L1’s Garage (suggestions welcome), and make a list of recommended YouTube channels, and add less known places to buy parts to the OP, so if you guys have any suggestions let me know.

Channels I plan to add.
Adam LZ
Car Throttle
Cleetus McFarland
Donut Media
Doug DeMuro
Engineering Explained
Finnegan’s Garage
Gears and Gasoline
Mighty Car Mods
Motor Trend Channel (RIP)
Rich Rebuilds
Tesla Racing Channel
The Fast Lane Truck
Tom’s Turbo Garage

I’ll add short descriptions of what they do.

It’ll look more like the Anime Culture Club’s OP.

Edit: Added
Haggard Garage
Lee StuartTheCarPassionChannel

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Maybe just Level1 Garage?

Haggard Garage

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I’ll make a poll, but I like the idea of being the Level1’s garage over being a level 1 garage (even though it works perfectly for us since we’re mostly backyard mechanics so you could consider us Level 1 mechanics).

How did I forget them haha.

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Noriyaro is good, should you include his second channel?

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Wow, that’s a lot of Miata.

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A few of them have 2nd channels. I might add them to the side something like.

Mighty Car Mods [mcmtv2]

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Yes, yes it is.

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AutoAutopsy if you want a mix of miata and saab


I wonder if any of the Subaru fanatics will chime in with a Subaru dedicated channel.

Well, there used to be Evan Shanks, but He moved on to bigger and better things.

Like Evo’s haha

Maybe I’ll have to throw a little Volvo in the mix then.

Speaking of Swedish cars, how is your’s, and how does it feel to have a need for Swede?

Did he? I kinda stopped watching his stuff after he got married. It changed quite a bit.

It’s faster than my GTI that’s for sure.

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