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They are so close to being just what I want, but the they gimped the engine compared to it’s bigger brothers. C30 has around 230hp (FWD) and the V70R has 300hp (AWD).


Before I go buying horns and front grilles (the stock chrome one is offensive) I’m going steam clean the engine so I can find the oil leak and get it repaired then clean the ever living fuck out of it.


Well it’s a much smaller car so it makes sense.


Normally I would agree, but they’re both the same engine for the most part (2.5L 5 cylinder). I wish they made a proper C30R with the monster 300hp engine, and maybe even AWD.

Did you find one that grabbed your attition?

If you keep your eyes peeled for an 09 or 2010 Focus RS you’ll get that Volvo 2.5L 5 cyl with the full 300hp in… well a little hatch.


Nah I came back down to reality


No Volvo for you? Dang. Someone need to get one so I can talk to them about them haha.


Meet The ‘Roller Coaster From Hell,’ The Giant Drift Jump In Estonia


Much of the next week or so will be getting this poor, bashed-up little subie road-worthy and ready for inspection.

@soulfallen as far as you’re aware, does the Accessport’s tuning affect the emissions systems of the car at all? The last time this thing was inspected it passed the safety inspection but failed overall because the OBD returned a “Not Ready” response when they plugged it in for emissions testing. I know there’s a standard reset procedure to get it to test as “ready” but I don’t know if that’s affected by the tune. Any tips/suggestions?


“Not ready” usually means that the car hasn’t run long enough to perform self-diagnostics since it’s last complete power loss (e.g. battery disconnected). It figures itself out after driving for a while.


I’d better get driving then. This thing needs a new battery, badly. It’s so old the sticker that tells you how old it is has partially rotted off, lol.


If I remember correctly it’s usually at least 100 miles for the car to run its tests, but I’ve always been told you should really plan on at least 200 miles of mixed driving for everything.

I think Advance Auto and/or Napa offer free battery testing. Dead batteries are not fun.


Shouldn’t cause any issues, no.


Yeah, so get a battery for it and drive it for a whole tank and hopefully that will be fine.

Plans for the brakes? They’re super easy and are low hanging fruit.


The brakes seem to work okay, they’re just really really deep. It’s either the pads (?) or the brake fluid - would not be surprised if it were either but it seems more likely that it’s the brake fluid itself - it doesn’t look like it’s been changed or flushed in a very long time.

I promised pictures.

General pictures of it actually, really, properly, physically at my house, at long bloody last.

The Leaky Oil pan of Rust and of Imminent Replacement

the Rear Differential and Muh Rusty Rear Sway Bar, Doe

Muh Engine Bay - home to an EJ205 and colony of ants living in the rubber rain seal (can you see them?)

The dying-horribly battery

The turbo

It’s hard to get a stylish engine bay in a subaru because of all the wires and hoses on top.

I will take more pictures of the various parts when I get it home and we actually have some decent weather


That’s why I don’t like 180 degree engines. They just look so odd. That said, there’s nothing more odd than a Rotary. (Which I aspire to own some day)

Yeah, replace that thing. It’s over 10 years old.

Definitely give that engine bay a good clean. Looks okay, but it can look much better with some proper cleaning!

Brake fluid in the reservoir typically darkens quickly in older cars. No harm in doing a flush though.

If you don’t already, you should make a record that has all your service records and history of what you do to the car. It’s important to keep track of what you’re doing to your car.


The rust actually doesn’t look that bad for here up north. Could obviously be better, but I’ve also driven much worse lol.


The brake lines look good then?


To be fair, they’re not the best pictures and I didn’t get any of many other parts of the car (I have no jack on hand at work) My main points of worry are the subframe and various parts of the suspension assemblies. I’ll get those pictures in soontm


Fluid Film is your friend.


Boxer engine bays look so bad.
Congrats on the car!