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That one is actually tight and I would drive that.

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1959 Chevy Impala SS

I tried to buy one of these because I thought it was so ugly it was cool and that Bruce Wayne would drive it as a not too subtle off hours Batmobile. It sat at a garage for over a year. When I asked, they said the guy never came back after they fixed it and if they had the title they would gladly sell it.

I guess Lewis Hamilton thinks it’s cool too.


I just heard this in my car and realized it was the perfect OPTION to go with the above post.

These are more my speed.

I used to be an AMIGA guy and in 1988 this animation blew my doors off.

Do you gearheads know any other car songs?


The Beach Boys were my first CD. Really like them a lot.
Cake is some really good stuff (that can work both ways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Don’t think I’ve heard the last one, but I like it.

I like:

Test Drive 6 (My favorite PS1 game hands down) opening
Should of done something like this with the music video.

Full song, and music video:

Midnight Club 3 (best racing game of all time)

This one starts out really slow, but ends with a fast tempo.

Moog from Mighty Car Mods makes a lot of really good music.
This one is good in the worst kinda way haha

My favorite song about cars.


Funny enough, I actually had one once.

I ended up getting a good deal for it, so I sold it and got a miata.

I have worked on FBs, FCs, and even and FD here and there.

Let me give you a little bit of advice. If you want to get an FB, get one of the last ones made with the 13B engine or get the 12 and be fully prepared to swap out the carb with a 4 barrel holly.

As soon as you buy a running RX7, go buy a second engine and get an engine crane. Sooner or later your apex seals will shit the bed and its easier to just swap the engine and rebuild the engine at your leisure.

Once you rebuild your engine with good atkins rotary and racing beat parts, it should last a good long time.

Also, forget about turbos. They complicate things, and quite frankly I like the power band of the NA engine.

Lastly, I would HIGHLY suggest you get an S4 FC and premix your fuel like your life depends on it. They are by far easier to work on, they have much better suspension geometry and they just feel better to drive. Its hard to explain. The FB is a little rickity, the FC is just super comfortable and inviting to drive, and the FD is too stiff and clinical.

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I’ve only ever bought one vehicle before. A 2005 VFR800. Great bike running a 781.7cc V-4 Vtec Engine. Vtec kicks in ~6500 rpm. The actual number is 6800 if I recall. And then the newer model was lowered to 6400. I do love this bike and I dont have too much else to say on it other then I put 150 miles on it everyday and I have some plans in the works soon for some new fairings and little accessories.Until then, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and do a partial gut on the exhaust in the next couple days. See how things go.

Everything else was given to me as “Fix er and she’s yours” projects. Those are a 2005 Cadillac CTS (The 3.6L RWD) and a 1984 Yamaha XJ550, a little old inline 4 bike.
The latter two are still in rough shape atm but here is the VFR as she sits.

The XJ just sat and took some cleaning to get running. Rocks in the tank to take care of rust and rebuilt carbs.
The Cadillac however I am in the process of getting together. After a friend left to Cali, the car sat and he said he’d get me the title to it. Well, he(Now in Cali) and his father(In Florida) are both on the PA title. Father signed it without getting it notarized when he sent it to me and without my buddies sig. So I have to send out 2 powers of attorney so that I can sign for them to reissue a title that is not defaced, and then 2 MORE powers of attorney so that I can sign for them to transfer it into my name. PA titles are dumb.
Past that, it needs a new transmission. A cheap job to do but, needs done. Not paying the quoted 5k$ at the shop to do what I can do for 400$ with a nice used tranny. There is likely more work that needs to be done at this point since its been sitting for an upwards of 2 years, but that should be the only major work since that is why it was sitting in the first place. Supposedly the car started smoking after hitting a speed bump. I haven’t gotten it into the garage quite yet to really go over it.


Trust me I’ve done my research. I like the FB body and I have no intention of leaving anything on there stock. Seq turbos are too much of a pain in the ass and are more likely to break something. Just getting one big ass turbo fixes that whole shitpile of a mess.

Even when I find an FB I’m going to need another 20k to do everything I want to it.

Engineering Explained is a great channel to learn about cars.
It’s rare to find an smart engineer that can describe what’s going on to a dumber engineer like me.


A Diablo, 348 and F40 at speed to one of my favorite bands.

Last week a guy drove next to me in the other lane to listen and give me a thumbs up.

The Buzzcocks are a highly underrated punk band that has been touring for 30 years.

[Explicit] Sick anti Road Rage song.
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I had that open in a tab to watch after work. Very cool stuff he did in that video.

I quite like Bad Habit.

My Blazer’s story.

1999 Chevy Blazer
215,000 miles (346,000 km)
4.3L V6
190 HP
250 lb-ft
5 speed manual
4x4 (with the janky push button selector)
0-60 9.8 seconds (My best with throttle body mod)

I bought it for $600. The guy (and I at the time) thought the engine was about to go, but it had the uncommon 5 speed manual, so I was going to buy another with a bad auto trans (the autos were crap), and swap the engine.
It was making a horrible knocking noises (like rod knock), but it ended up being the catalytic converter.

I did a throttle body mod.

This first picture isn’t mine, but it’s what mine looked like before the mod (didn’t think to take a picture).

Mod done.

The butterfly valve out of the throttle body.

Drilled out the rivets holes to separate the butterfly valve from the… uhh… other thing :grin:

Cleaned it up, and tapered the rivet holes, so the J-B Weld SteelStik Putty won’t be able to come out.

Putty in.

This mod knocked about 1 second off the 0-60 (10.7 to 9.8 and it was hotter outside for the 9.8 time) also the engine is a little happier to rev to redline after the mod.


Car Chases

Ronin is a great movie. 7 minuttes of cars driving in Paris.
Halfway through the awesome film making amps the desperation up a notch.

When I looked for a video I remembered there are about 5 car chases in Ronin.

I wish my subie could do that

A video for the motorcycle thread. Technically she is passing automotive stunt drivers.

To Live and Die in L.A. from 1985, is basically GTA V the early days.
The French Connection

A train chase, but in a car.
The Seven Ups is French Connection 2.

Crashing is usually the result if one tries to car chase.
please drive safely

These films must have been waaay too much fun to produce. For some reason, Clive Owens is the perfect man to drive an M5.

They tried again this year… didn’t work out as well…

Mercedes made an attempt at this as well. I don’t think it worked as well.

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Does any one drive a Pontiac G6? I drive a 2007 G6 and love it, but I haven’t driven much else to compare, what do you guys think of the car?

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First part of The Blues Brothers car chase.

Need For Speed Most Wanted trailer.

This is the beast video I could find of the car chase in Ride Along.

I’ve only raced against a G6, but my family had a brand new Pontiac Grand Am GT, and it was pretty good.



I have always liked Pontiac’s. In high school my friend’s dad let us borrow his 6-cyl Firebird.

My 2 favorite Pontiac’s are the G8. Built by Holden GM Australia with a Corvette engine.
Now available as the Chevy SS.

and James ‘The Rockford Files’ Firebird Esprit.

Jim Garner did all the driving and it has a 400 cu engine, special order gold (looks brown to me?) paint with models from 1974 to 1980. I thought 1978 car had the coolest styling.

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An update.

I wrecked the vfr800 on 8/24/17. A bear of a German Shepard broke his BRAIDED STEEL leash. Not the collar, the braided steel. I was in a left turn, he jumped down a hill onto the road. I had no chance but to brace. With the bike leaned to the left, I tried to compensate for impact by leaning to the right and over the front tire (Where the dog did end up hitting) Bike went down on the right side. Slide up a pretty steep incline for a solid 200 ft. Dog did a u-turn right back up the hill and into the owners house. Owner came down, got me what I needed to clean up and stayed with me until my buddy came to pick me and the bike up. I seemed to have impacted gravel, and it dug into my arm a bit, but in the end, no broken bones or fractures. Just some scrapes. (Upon meeting the dog owner, first thing I asked was how the dog was. He refused to answer until I said that I was alright and started moving around. Dog was alright, bad limp.)

On the bike side of things. Other then the usual plastics damage and peg damage, the clutch cover has a small crack on the top of it. No enough to even leak onto the road. It was dented in enough however that it couldn’t catch at all.
Rolls in neutral though. So I coasted it down the hill to somewhere relatively flat with a hill to push it onto for loading.
EDIT – A wheel is dented, is the other expensive bit. Enough that insurance will look at it. As a last note - Insurance is treating this as a deer. So no fault. Which is very good for me.


Glad to hear you’re relatively okay. Bike crashes are scary.

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^ I second that.