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I was thinking of grabbing one for my truck but there is absolutely nothing wrong with access to my drain plug and I don’t impact it down with 250 ft lbs either.

There is no kill quite like overkill!

Yeah, no need to get one for most people.

I mostly ordered one because

  1. My car is low to the ground and it’ll be easiest just to flip a lever and be done
  2. I dislike crush washers

Aside from that I know some race teams will use them because that way they can do oil changes or fluid flushes while hot. I’ve only dumped hot oil on myself once and that felt amazing.


I feel like its an experience similar to having a cup of ice down your back and into your underwear in my experience.
Coworker needed an oil change, waited about 30 minutes because we took her car to go get the filter and oil. Probably should have took mine haha.
Wasn’t that hot but was uncomfortably warm.

Detailed my truck, tbh I feel pretty meh about it when its dirty but when shes shined up this thing is a gem.


LS swap when???


This thing is gonna keep the 2.7L for at least 10 years. it’s my daily so i can Fuck with other things.

Also it’s a fucking Toyota. 1j/2j you heathen

idk man LSes are pretty reliable too. 1j/2j might be too much engineering for a home garage build lol


Ls Master race

The 2JZ might have its stustustus but have you ever heard a destroked LS7? That kitty p̶u̶r̶r̶s̶ ROARS.

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While I totally agree that Japanese engines in general are more complex than an LS, all of the hard shit comes down to converting the wiring harness and relocating things which will be required either way.

I was thinking amongst the lines of fitting a longer engine into the engine bay and having to re-engineer components like the radiator mounting etc

They fit right in other people have done the swap before.

good to know, trucks have a lotta space in their engine bays.
I’d still go LS before 2JZ tho :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an obsession with DOHC inline engines i couldn’t see myself doing a pushrod V8 like ever lol

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People must’ve turbo’d or supercharged your engine, how’s the hit to reliability?

I cri every time i remember that jeep abandoned the tornado OHC 230 for the AMC pushrod engine, and this was back in the 50’s! The pushrod engine was sold until the mid 2000’s

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Makes ass for power cause its nowhere near meant for it but the hit on reliability isnt measurable. Saw a video about a supercharged 2.7 with 600k miles

LS swaps are quite boring to me compared to any other swaps, and given he has a Toyota he’s got a lot of fantastic swap options if he sticks with the brand that I think most people would rather see other than another LS swap

Despite my feelings on LS swapping, I do have a S10 and a LS that will be doing the fusion dance… Eventually.


Who said it’s gotta be an LS1 or LS3? Those are REALLY boring engines. LS7, LS9 etc is where stuff gets interesting. The only Toyota V8 I’m interested in is the one in the LC500, and I doubt it’s cheap even at the junkyard.

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Forget LS, you gotta go AMG like this gentleman-

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