L1News: 2017-01-17 State of Insecurity | Level One Techs

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00:00 Intro

00:19 Ryzen Update

00:32 Store Plug and Storage Video Mention

01:00 Consumer Reports on New MacBook Pro

02:15 Bitcoin in China

03:49 Google Gov Notice

06:25 FCC Chairman and Net Neutrality

07:50 Virginia Broadband Deployment Act

10:14 Obama's Parting Gift

11:32 Lawyer Sues over Stingray Device

13:32 SnoopSnitch

14:46 Cloudflare NSL Lifts

20:48 Trumps New Cyber-Guru

23:00 WhatsApp Vulnerability

25:33 Cellbrite Data Hack

28:54 Windows 10 Privacy Controls

29:47 Raspberry Pi Phone

33:13 Apple's Earbud Plan Working?

34:40 MIT Unveils New Material

36:12 Youtube and Super Chat

37:06 Shoutout to the Fans
Thanks for all the Support :)

37:29 Europe Calls for robot "kill switches"

39:19 "Superbug" kills Nevada woman

40:26 Gravity Sketch

41:12 Hot Pepper = Longer Life?

41:43 Correlation != Causation

43:15 Outro and Storage Video Plug

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Thanks again, cool episode...very security heavy :-)

btw - this is OpenWhisperSystem's opinion on the WhatsApp backdoor:

Even though you've mentioned that there exists no secure computer (one might argue that nothing is really secure since measuring brainwaves isn't too science-fiction anymore), I'd still like to see your take on secure IT infrastructure (email, vpn, encrypted cloud, etc...)

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Waiting to see how the new am4 mbs are gonna pan out. From my perspective, no actual workstation mb. Hampered from the start. I could be wrong ? Seems like the platform is gonna start with too many trade offs at launch with the issue magnifying as the platform ages. Technologies improve ect.....

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I didn't think they'd released info on the Naples line yet.

Isn't Naples the server side ? I need something in between. I know it is a little early to lament about it :) I have seen one server side mb but with no info or specs.

This episode was a goddamn roller coaster of emotion.

Starts out "yeah, so much for security, in pretty much anything"

Moves on to "yeah, so much for surviving bacterial infections"

Ends with "Here we are wasting money on stupid research projects"

"Also, data is easily accessible"

Help me, I'm drowning in my own despair!


I guess it depends on how you look at it. I tend to view workstations as "servers with a GPU", so, in my mind, Ryzen is for consumer or office gear and Naples is for workstations and servers.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

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Yeah. It turned out that the despair was only half on. Now it's worse!

Maybe if I attempt to rmmod humanity as a temporary stopgap.

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try this

sudo rmmod humanity
sudo modprobe humanity emotions=0

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The problem is that the emotions option isn't taking. I think it's dependent on something within the soul module, which can be a bit difficult to reload.

EDIT: I think that running:

sudo lobotomy -f --left

in a tmux session (to make sure it completes when you're disconnected) should help a bit.

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That doesn't mean we should stop trying to improve security be it in digital or physical world.

True! Personally, I love to encrypt stuff :-)

whats the android app for stingray detection?

To be honest, I wouldn't use it on my real phone. As Wendell mentioned, you should pick a seconday phone with no data or anything of value on it. The chances that this thing is malware is higher, than you being stingrayed. That being said, the link is in the youtube description.

What the hell is this? Where's reese's butter cup?!

@wendell, Hololens is mind blowing. Easily the most impressive technology I have strapped to my head and I have strapped some impressive stuff to my head. I have maybe 15 hours with it now and I desperately want more.

If you and Ryan want an Oculus to play with for a bit I can send you mine. It's fun but it's not an every day use thing.

With regards to what Ryan said about VR pricing, the best thing Oculus and Valve did was overcharge for the gen 1 hardware and keep it out of the hands of most people. At this price most people will only get 30 minutes with it at an expo or showroom, just enough time to wow them. If you get a solid 5 hours in the first week or two you realize that this generation is pretty gimicky and not worth the investment. If the gen 1 hardware were only $300 and four or five times as many people had bought them there would be no gen 2 on the way.


I'm not sure where the best place to leave FOLLOW UP is, but I'm putting it here. If you dig a few layers into the MIT strong/light material links, you'll find that MIT did not actually make the gyroidal graphene, but rather they simulated it, and showed that it would have the reported properties. As far as I can tell the 3D printing side of the story is just a plastic 3D printed gyroid to demonstrate the concepts. We've had the gyroid shape since the 70s, but sadly we do not exist in a world where we can make gyroidal graphene yet, let alone 3D printed gyroidal graphene. Maybe one day, and maybe it will be good, but not today.


Re: Gravity Sketch. This is a 2 part reply.

Months ago I was in Micro Center and they had the HTC Vive demo. I had to wait because a Dad and his son were going first. He bought one on the spot. But he was a complete moron that didn't even know one needed to plug it into a PC to make it work. The saleman took advantage and basically raped the guys wallet.

"You're gonna need this and that and these options are recommend for an optimal experience and you need a powerful GPU. Oh, you don't know if you can install a GPU? Let me show you our line up of Certified VR ready Gaming PC's."

"See son, I told you we needed a new PC. I am soooo smart that it was MY idea to buy one when we came in today to get a new whatever. And throw in a few games for the boy."

"Sorry sir, we do not sell games. You will have to buy games through Steam."

"What's Steam?"

I couldn't watch and I was waiting 45 minutes, so I left and came back the next day. VR is not for n00bs.

I was not expecting much from VR. The first couple of demos were not impressive. 'The Blu' where one is underwater and meets the whale, plunged me into total immersion. I forgot I was wearing a headset and I WAS a scuba diver for a few minutes. "Hmm... this might be a good thing, once the Vive 2.0 comes out at half price." Then I tried TiltBrush. Wow! I got the hang of it in seconds and realized, "This is the killer app to sell a lot of VR units to content creators!" I am a graphic artist and do 3D solid modeling using engineering software. I saw the potential for it almost immediately. When AutoDesk or a similar firm invents VR-CAD, a lot of design engineers will be wearing VR goggles at work = cost is no object. Then the demo moved on and I played a few stupid games and the demo was over too soon.

Salesman: 'Do you want to play the game again?"
Me: "Not interested. Can I use TiltBrush some more?"

edit: An hour later I see this.

with the graphene thing. it is really cool that the thinner walls make the material stronger. but there is a potential problem for real usage.
if you expose carbon structures to steel (which likes to integrate carbon into its structure) and than add heat the carbon just disolves. thats why you cant really use diamonds to cut steel.
the MIT says that this 3D-Printing method can be used for other materials too. Im really waiting for them to try something like cermets (a heat resistend steel ceramic mixture).