L1KVM suddenly stopped working

I received my level 1 kvm yesterday (14-kvm-switch-triple-monitor-2computer) and I wired it up and it seemed to work. But when I started using my computers today, it no longer worked. Initially, the switching functionality wasn’t working at all, but after powering down and up the kvm again, it started working again, but the USB switching functionality didn’t seem to work anymore. Oddly the keyboard shortcuts still work to initiate switching between the two computers, but the keyboard and mouse signals aren’t being appropriately passed through to either computer. I’ve tried restarting both the KVM and the computers and the problem persists, do you have any suggestions?

I am using the appropriate usb cables (B07V6G1GYK product code on amazon) and club3d DP cables.

The strangest thing is that it was working, and then isn’t working anymore. All my devices are plugged into a surge protector and appropriately grounded.

Does anyone know how to hard reset the KVM?


You are probably going to need to ask @wendell (sorry).

With that said, have you tried disconnecting each of the machines and trying them individually. Are you using a docking station in between?

Could you overview how you have each machine connected to the KVM.

if this is the one with the focusrite, rma already issued, will do a post mortem when it gets here

Hey @wendell what about focusrite? i’m using my l1kvm switch and have focusrite solo connected to it through unpowered usb hub, by friday i should already have powered usb hub, is there anything i should know? atm everything works fine, just having minor issues with mouse - had to connect unifying receiver to usb3 port cuz on hid port it started lagging and sometimes my keyboard through logi bolt becomes unresponsive for like a second when i play games on windows, but is not noticeable on mac while i work. I also have a dac, stream deck, logitech brio 4k, audioengine a2+ and logi pro x dongle connected to l1kvm switch throught unpowered usb hub.

so the focusrite drivers will cause bluescreens even without the kvm, or that has been my experience. avc devices are fine but I think the focusrite is asio and surprise remove is not something they really tolerate. it might need to be on the usb3 ports.


oh ok, i’ll keep that in mind, thx, using it for about two weeks now, never experienced a blue screen or anything of that sort, works great for me on windows and macbook, my setup is l1kvm usb3 → usb3 hub (not powered) → focusrite scarlett solo → cloudlifter → sm7b and nothing more connected to focusrite scarlett solo, switching from mac to pc about 3 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less.

by the way i had problems when all my usb devices just randomly disconnected after some time, but only when i was using my macbook connected to l1kvm switch through caldigit usb-c pro dock, my fix was connecting usb through separate usb-c cable. This weekend when i’ll get my powered usb3 hub, i’ll try to connect usb through caldigit dock again, maybe it was power issue, i’ll post if that will solve that disconnect issue, it would be really great to have only one cable going to macbook

Yup. Had a bad USB cable being slightly touched shut down a few computers over the years.