L1KVM copycat?

Hello I’m new in the forums, was looking for a 4 port DP1.4 single monitor KVM to power my Macbook Pro/PC/Laptop combo and stayed for the awesome company :relieved:

Anyway in my research for alternatives I found these guys:

Their KVMs look exactly like Level1KVM’s ones, do they have any connection to L1KVM or what?

They offer the 4 port version of DP1.4 KVM which isn’t yet available in the L1TECHS store.

What do you think? am I missing something? if so apologies in advance.

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The outside of the KVM is a COTS product. I am know for sure Wendell does custom firmware for the KVM, there is probably some custom parts (differences in chips / caps etc selected), but I am not sure on the 2nd part.

Think of it like Seasonic as the OEM for PSUs for other peoples products (Some Corsair), Corsair specifies the components and design tweaks and what not and Seasonic makes the PSU.


@mutation666 Thank you understood, now I wonder how their KVM compares with L1KVM, I’m trying to figure out my setup :smiley:

I mean probably very similar, I would always recommend L1T KVMs as you will get great support form Wendell if you have issues and he has been using KVMs and tons of different monitors for years so he probably has one of the better firmwares and part selection to fit more then just the average user.

Huh, I presume it was a production over-run like the mice, where they kept making them.
But the mice were sold under the same branding, so more egregious.

Does not add to thread. Sorry

Interesting that they advertise Mac support on the DP KVMs. I wonder how legit that is…

Also, wow, so thicc…


Maybe DP repeater built in? Considering price is Inquiry

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I inquired about the dual 4-port 1.4kvm.

They also have the repeater.


they might be the original oem he uses (guess i could just look at the box the two i have came in , but I could care less )


That was my thought, he did mention that he was working with the OEM at some stage. But eh… An @ would probably get you answers rather quickly.

Eh not invested enough to care. Ordering through L1 Store = supporting content I like, + top tier customer service, their price is extremely competitive too.


@wendell tl;dr is the OEM you use based in taiwan? OP found a KVM that looks basically the same. My understanding was that the L1KVM’s secret sauce is all in the software.

batsignal deployed. And now we wait.


I looked up the DP splitter + HDMI converter model number and came to the same OEM. They only sell to Asia and Wendell is pretty much the only person doing North American sales of the hardware.

we will probably have a buyable 4 port DP1.4 version early next year, but the laundry list of GAMERZ peripherals for testing is… quite long. Not ready yet. But close.

The mac side of things you would probably still need a repeater with the kvm. there are a bunch of these that are all similar e.g. startech… the special sauce is the software :slight_smile: Actually there are loads of folks using their macs w/o a repeater but sometimes… you do need the repeater.

The one person with a new mac pro that was having loads of trouble confirmed it was actually a thunderbolt cable that was the trouble.

So it’s all types of insane.


Would still appreciate if you could look into the OEM’s HDMI splitter with EDID ghosting. Finding a 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 and 600mhz splitter with EDID cloning and emulating is pretty rare. Only one other company makes that and that is Gefen.

the hdmi splitter doesnt work the same way, just the dp to dp splitter. BUt you CAN use a powered dp to hdmi adapter on the 2nd output of the splitter!

That one that we sell can technically do DP > dual hdmi with edid ghost with that setup but… ehh

I mean for game consoles to capture cards instead of strictly for the KVM.

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