L1 techs iOS dev team?

I have thought this for a while.

Who's up for opening an open source git repo and work on apps that we all think are cool.

I have experience with iOS only unfortunately, but we could still do cool stuff such as the app of the month, things that the community feels are necessary etc.

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That's a good idea! I would be down to join since this is what I have studied and the more experience the better.

Android is also pretty easy to get the hang of if you know any Java, I have worked in both.

Maybe a mobile forums app to get start?

What do you have in mind. How about a chat room for forum users???

I'm up for helping out!

One app I've always thoughts of building was a material design IRC client, that'd be really nice.

I'm down for anything I'm on break so a good software project would be fun. As far as a chat client goes I have had a bit of experience using both android and apple network code so I could work on that part.

Willing to help here as well i am an Android dev so we can parallel the app to Android

I've dabbled in some Android, and would be happy to help work on an app!

10 month necro. Thread is locked.