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L1 Tech News: Year End News & Responsible Alcohol Comsumption (Part 1) #level1news | Level One Techs


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this drunk news is way too tame for me



Heard something about it being 3 hours long so this is only the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

@wendell train yourself to focus the swirling and put it to use.


Bunch of lightweights ya’ll are.

But that’s what makes it fun.


Wow, they drank so much that the full-length version is totally blurry! :wink: I guess YouTube is afraid to let drunk people incriminate themselves at more than 360p.


It was stuck processing all Monday so… made it live. Whatever :smiley:

There are some post outcard lulz in the non patreon version today and tomorrow tho


Yeah, I figured YouTube was still doing its processing magic or whatever. Good to know about the extra stuff in the regular versions, though I usually watch those as well (…in a vain, often futile attempt to come up with something intelligent to say). Thanks again.


11 minutes in, talking about 611 suicide hotline, @wendell “something, something alcohol”, takes sip and looks straight into camera with thousand yard stare…

Am I the only one who found the dark humor in that?


Somehow, I feel the latest episode is apropos…

The Horrible Hangover - The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry

Loving the year end drinking session; I’m three bottles of wine in with y’all.


I really think we are fucked when it comes to next SC choice with the Dumpster. But I am also just waiting for RBG sex tape to be featured in the movie.

Also, race cars don’t really have air conditioning in the suits. Couple different systems are usually at play. One for helmets is an opening where you can attach a blower hose which as it names implies is connected to a… blower. Inlet is usually a hole cut into the bodywork (or designed for in the bodywork) that is filtered so you are getting cooler air than what is in the car. The second system is a Cool Shirt which has a top that is under the fire suit with small tubing that runs through it and it is connected to an ice box with pump. You fill icebox with ice and water and that pumps through the Cool Shirt keeping your core temp reasonably in check. These two systems would be for tin tops… for formula cars and sports racers, you are fucked as there is just no room for comfort items.

As an aside a decade ago in the WEC series (series for Le Mans cars) they actually mandated air conditioning with maximum temp of about 32 degrees Celsius. Should you go higher its possible you will be pulled in and ordered to repair the system, allowances are made in minimum weights for the aircon system. Reason for this was some of the insane temperatures inside the closed cockpit cars, 60 to 80C (140 to 160 Fahrenheit). Sure 32C couldn’t be considered comfy but it sure as fuck better than the whole cross finish line, pass out due to dehydration that would happen in years past.