L1 Q+A! Ask Us (Almost) Anything


It’s been two years since our last big Q+A, and we have decided it’s time for a new one! Ask us anything you want to know, including questions like:

  • Will Ryan ever stop his cats from turning over their water bowl?
  • How many toilet lids does Wendell actually have?
  • Will Krista grow an army of pumpkins this year in memory of Lt. Dangle?

As usual, the only thing we ask is that you avoid questions about your specific troubleshooting issue: while it’s nice that you value our opinions on your upcoming build, the Q+A video is probably not the best time for it. We promise the forum is happy to provide input. That being said, more general questions are fine.

We will be recording the video around the beginning of April, so continue to ask away! You can post questions here or on twitter, https://twitter.com/Level1Techs.


Have you tried Ukrainian food?


What are your thoughts on the Rust programming language? And Julia for that matter


Any progress on Thunderbolt shenanigans?

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Spaces or tabs?


What is your advice for an idiot who is trying to learn to code (non-IT background). What language would be useful generally and those that relate to Finance.

What resources should we start with.


I often hear @kreestuh and @ryan complain about client requests so I wonder:

Apart from doing youtube videos, are you like a consulting group that does projects for local clients as a main gig and do youtube videos on the side?

Or are you separate independent contractors that does Youtube videos/Twitch streaming on the side?


@wendell can you show us your server racks?


What hardware tools do you guys have to have around you that you just can’t do without? (Phones, screwdrivers, soldering iron etc. (Make and model should be included)
And what progams do you guys have to have that you can’t do without for either convenience, usability factor, ease of workflow etc.)? (For ex. I have to have the program Actual Window Manager;I just can’t do without a window manager that lets me place all the windows in the place they belong every time they start up)


Now that Krista has a garden, is she gonna wear those typical garden trousers/attire? (like these: Tuinbroeken voor Dames | Korte & Lange Overalls | ASOS )

Moreover, if she does, do we get to see a pictorial evidence of that? At 30+fps even? :wink:

Will you ever revive the Level1Enterprise channel? Maybe have guests from the big boys host stuff there? Or do high-level tutorials (Level3Techs?) about how to setup an enterprise-grade network or data center (virt hosts, SAN or NASes, firewalls with explained DMZ settings, ACLs, Cloud configuration or DIY Cloud with OpenStack / OpenNebula etc.)?


What is the most you would spend on a pair of headphones?


Once the pandemic is dealt with, are there going to be any events? Like LAN meetups or conventions?

Or should we all just bank on LTX?


Can ya’ll do drunk news… twice a year?


Do you have any interesting stories about ISA’s with weird, nieche or even hidden instructions?
Have you played / done anything cool with the fpga on the xeon scalable cpus?


Do you think we’ll ever get fiber to the home in >99% of US households?

If you could snap your fingers and fix anything in the world, but you wouldnt be allowed to take direct advantage of it, what would you fix?


In a similar vein, thoughts on GPU computing APIs. OneAPI, CUDA, OpenACC, OpenMP, OpenCL, HIP, etc.

Python is a great starter language and is very useful for finance related apps (and anything you can come up with that’s not graphically intensive) . If your after something compiled then Go is another great starter.