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L1 Linux Live: Working on Z390 IOMMU, Threadripper Agesa, PCIe3 Speedups for VMs, and more | Level One Techs


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Please test Titan Ridge on the MEG Creation. No one has tested that on a MSI X399 board.


@wendell During this live chat you mention that you would not generally recommend people use b-cache. However it is not clear what specific type of issue(s) you were referring to or talking about. Any chance you could briefly elaborate on this topic, or post some link(s) refering to it? Did you personally encounter an issue or buggy behaviour around some specific configuration(s) you were testing?

… Just hoping to try b-cache out in combination with zfs. But you comments about has raised some concerns.


I am also curious about that. I am using bcache on my current machine without issues, although I am probably not a power user in the context of its user base.


I had never heard of proxmox until this video so I took a look. It looks really cool but I’m really disappointed they don’t have a BTRFS storage option as of yet. I know raid 5 and 6 are still busted but it’s otherwise very much usable. Also it ships with ZFS? Isn’t this a violation of the GPL? I know ubuntu also attempted the same thing but I don’t think they still do it.


I would recommend against using bcache with ZFS because ZFS already has caching systems in the form of L2ARC (read) and SLOG/ZIL (write cache (for <=64 KiB ops).

ZFS also highly discourages putting anything between the disk and ZFS (caching, hardware raid controllers, etc.)