L1 DP Repeater - Doesn't support HDR?

I’ve been unable to get the HDMI output to recognize my TV as a HDR display. Seems not to matter which resolution, so that rules out a bandwidth limit, and I’ve tried the various emulation methods.

Worth noting, I’m currently running with only the HDMI output, and nothing connected to the DP output. I have a 4k HDR monitor around but not in use in case it requires the DP display to specify a HDR signal?

Also worth noting, I’m using HDMI cables specc’d for HDR and have had no trouble running 4k HDR from PC → TV via these HDMI cables. The DP cable going to the repeater is 1.4.

Any tips on getting the HDMI to output HDR would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately according to EposVox’s review, the HDR metadata is blocked by the adapter. If you send HDR it won’t be tonemapped and will look washed out because it lacks the metadata over HDMI.

You’re better off running HDMI from the GPU and a HDMI Splitter from Gefen in this case.

I also own the DP repeater, but don’t have HDR sources to test with.

The other thing that might be happening is the HDCP engine in the repeater is confused when trying to pass HDR metadata.

Awesome, watched his video which cleared things up.

Cheers for the response!

HDR is the only issue I have now, so I might try daisy chaining a HDR compatible DP → HDMI adapter between the DP repeater and the TV.

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