L1 CS1.6 Server?

I want to open a game server for the L1 community here pretty soon. I went over a lot of games in my head and 1.6 seems like the most fun to me (probably because thats my shit right there). I hate GO, its bullshit, and I want to play actual CS.

I'm thinking 2 Main rotation maps (dust, Manor, Cbble, D2, and a few choice others) that are 9v9, then 1 5v5 server. Then maybe a bonus 64 player holyshitthismapisHYOOOJ server where, for example, the map is a Giant bhop map or the entire Ocarina of Time map. Maybe just a separate bhop server too! I certainly have the firepower available for it.

So would anyone play? I'm thinking 4 servers total. Lemme know! Maybe link some maps you liked back in the day!

For the record this is why I hate GO and its fucking everywhere.

If I could practice outside of 1V1 servers and Source I would play Face it but most everyone I have played with on Face It is Eagles. Fuck that.

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Would enjoy playing some classic 1.6, so I am on-board if you're truly going to do this.

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Tis planned, though number of servers or types of servers is dependant on who will plays.

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would play but im more of a classic 24/32 player person

I would definitely play. Isn't CS 1.6 also full with cheaters?

If the servers are only for people from the forum I don't think cheaters would be problem.

Steam or non steam? I only have CSGO on steam tho.

Not really anyone who cheats cheats in CSGO because that is their jobs. Little shits want boosts.


I'd be using SRCMD I don't think it will matter.

Ok, cool. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys. :) Also I would love to play some classic Half-life deathmatch, if anyone's up for it.

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1.6 or any other early/ spinoffs of cs would be nice. i like go but i do prefer 1.6