L1 community pleroma instance 🤔

hey I’ve been thinking about creating a pleroma instance for the L1 community so its something similar to the lounger where we can talk about what ever we like but not over other peoples conversations which is one of the downsides to the forum for that sort of thread

perorma is a lighter version of mastodon will all the same features and more
if you’ve not heard of pleroma before its free federated social networking server built on open protocols so its compatible with mastodon and any other activitypub implementations.

and if you dont know what mastodon is its pretty much a open source federated equivalent to twitter where you can run your own servers with its own users on it and you can talk to other users on different instances which are using the activitypub implementation as well.

I might have a old PC lying around some where a FX 4130 I might be able to use as the server with 8GB of ram if I can get a cheap HDD for it but if thats not possible I’ll have to get a cheap VPS to run it on unless someone in the community has some spare hardware that it can be ran it that would be great but dont think it would be needed


And I just gave away my old dual Opteron rig. Would have been a perfect use for it and the person I gave it to hasn’t done a thing with it.

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So, the discord?


the discord is nice but if a few people are talking at a time about different things it can get lost fairly easy much like the lounge on the forums

There are like 30 channels on the discord. There’s no way it could get too cluttered.

Look, I’m not gonna stop you if you wanna make this, but between making individual threads or DMs on Discourse, and Discord, I don’t see a problem.