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L1 at Penguicon thread


ICYMI penguicon is a yearly convention in Southfield, MI that does everything from linux to things I cant talk about on this forum.

Wendell will be there, I will be there, anyone else?

its this weekend the 28th to 30th

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Penguicon 2018

Greetings, I will be there this weekend. Last year was my first one and it was a blast. I highly recommend anyone check it out if you have the chance.

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I would, but 1000 miles is a bit to far of a drive for me. Lol



Similar situation. Wish I could have gone, but I have obligations that take precedence. 1000mi is a fine drive for me though.



Title updated, Wendell says he's met several other members here

What's everyone up to?

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That's a hell of a long way from...the south. I sure won't be there.

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indeed its a long haul from central FL. and i am working overtime like a mad man so no time off for the next few weeks. for those members who are in attendance have fun say high to wendell for me and enjoy the fun of a con.



Whoever finds me, I have 2 more of these L1 tokens, the letters aren't​ silver colored though, that was marker.

I also have a small purple one.



I really wish i saw this earlier. Every year i want to go but i forget about it until i see Wendell cover it. I'm working today and tomorrow and live in Traverse City, so a bit of a drive to try to do it between shifts today and tomorrow. Not really feasible to go this year :frowning:


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I'm here, I will be here tomorrow as well. So far, its been quite entertaining. I'm in a crypto discussion right now.
Also, I saw @wendell earlier. Can confirm.

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And now it's time for ticket to Ride with esr, who is a world champ of this board game. Literally.



Aaaaaaaand I lost lulz



: /

I could have been there if I'd thought ahead a little… I work remote, but my main office is in Southfield.



Hey @wendell

Can you send me that picture from the Con?

Also, we chatted briefly about Devops and Bit9 (which appear to be something call 'carbon black')

Can you link those, by chance?

Thanks for everything. I'm really considering rejoining patreon after our encounter; we all appreciate what you do.



blam there you go
yes, carbon black, right

DIY version, but carbon black is just automation tools and then some for fatures built into windows security policy for ages

Devops == many things

check this out for a primer



btw, to share with your co-workers

This intel AMT thing is 9.35/10 bad where 10 would be a solar flare that wipes out most of the stuff in orbit.

Powershell = patch this thing on a bunch of machines fast and hassle free. We're testing some stuff right now.

This reaches all the way back to sandy bridge and before.



This makes for a much better talk with my boss then 'This guy I follow on youtube said' lol. I will print this off and bring it to him. Thank you again.
I'm signing up for patreon tonight; I played Heroes of the Storm last night with @kreestuh and Grizzle. I play all the time, but this was most entertaining.



Unless the query is incorrect I've only got 2 machines affected by this on my domain.



Stay tuned -- intel has updated the CVE 4 times in the past two hours!

DellCU is I think alll the util is detecting at the moment -- also, you may want to run something like the ps tools that give you a remote shell then run that against localhost instead of the lan IPs of your machines because.. intel IME.. lol

do you know for a fact that it disabled on those machines?