L-theanine from Amazon UK

I saw the L-Theanine video and am interested in getting some myself, I saw that @Logan recommends this. However, that "brand" does not seem to be available from amazon.co.uk and I was wondering if anyone on this side of the Atlantic has any recommendations for anything similar.

I've seen a lot of capsules available but I don't really want that, I'd prefer to mix it in with my coffee and have just 100% pure stuff.

just take BCAAs/buy l-glutamine of bodybuilding websites in bulk save you a fortune.... stuff can taste rancid though (depending)

but really unless you are not eating well/training hardcore there is no point.... - like you won't really get a benefit except for a momentary 'awareness' of it... but you can get the same thing from increasing you vitamin c uptake to replenish your adrenal glands if you have too many stimulants etc... one way to get back that caffeine buzz for eg boosts those receptors again

i should add; don't get me wrong, i buy the stuff in bulk - great for recovery mix etc for muscle reparation... but i train three hours a day 7 days a week...... so......

edit edit ; ummm i live in australia, and i buy it here;

you can see the price diff, so if you can find a good bodybuilding wholesaler - that produce pharma grade stuff/quality thats the way to go...

I got my supply from an ebay supplier. They had sampler packs for $1.49 to try it out before you buy a larger supply. I'm not sure what ebayuk has to offer.

I enjoy mixing it with coffee as @Logan said, but I also like to mix more into tea for shits&giggles.