KVM wireless bridge. Tell me how you did it

I tried to bridge a KVM guest using a wireless host and it didn’t work. I guess it requires some hacky/trickery to get working. Does anyone know of a kernel supported (hopefully USB since this is a laptop) wireless NIC that “just works”?

Need more details. I’m assuming you’re saying it is bridged to a wireless interface, and if that’s the case virtio and set to bridged should work just fine.

Yes. Wireless interface on my laptop. Bridging to a wireless NIC is impossible Apparently some people have been successful with some wireless NICS.

Just putting ideas in your head, maybe you can make it think it’s using a wired connection? I’ve never had the need to virtualize on my laptop though. Sorry.

I don’t know how useful this is, and it may work differently for your VM, but recently I set up a few machines in my shed and connected them through one wifi dongle. Initially I was trying to do a bridge because that was what I remembered and what some of my searches were suggesting, but that ended up being flaky and unnecessarily complicated.

I went in to edit the connections (ubuntu based machine) and in the general tab I made sure that “All users may connect to this network” was selected. Then in the IPv4 tab I was able to change it from “Automatic (DHCP)” to “Shared to other computers”. If I remember correctly I did this with both the wifi and the ethernet and fed that out to a switch which had other machines connected. They can now all connect through the machine with the wifi dongle as long as it is up.

I’d imagine if the host could share in the same manner that it could work. As per above, if the host machine could see the virtual connection coming out of the VM then sharing the connections should give it network access.