KVM switching doesn't work with LogiBolt Receiver

Is anyone here using the new LogiBolt Receiver?

I found that the switch hotkeys (Ctrl + Ctrl + Num) doesn’t work if I use LogiBolt Receiver and paired keyboard (Logitech pop keys)

Other Logitech keyboards with unify receivers works fine for me.

Isn’t that by design? It seems to bill itself as a secure device upgrade over the standard reciever. I have a secure keyboard that once the driver loads the data is encrypted over USB to defeat a hardware keylogger in the cable.

If that’s what it does I can’t sniff the keys. If it needs some funky driver I also can’t sniff the keys … use a macroboard instead?

As far as I know, it doesn’t require special driver, is it possible that it only encrypts data during wireless transmission but still sending readable data to connected USB port?

it has to be doing something at least mildly funky to be not recognized as a hid device?

emmmm, could be

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