KVM Switch Issues

So I picked up the L1 KVM switch because I’ve had nothing but problems with others, so I thought, why not. I have configured everything, but I’m having issues with the keyboard. I can plug the mouse into the hid section, and that works, but when I plug my keyboard with the two use ports, one is for the hub, it doesn’t get detected. I see a flicker and then it just dies. I can’t rescan or anything with the keys. I’ve tested all three HID ports by plugging the mouse into each one, and they work perfectly. Right now I have my keyboard plugged into a usb port on the switch, not the HID usb ports and it’s working, however I cannot use hotkeys.

Has anyone experienced this issue? I’m running a steelseries APEX pro keyboard.

There’s also a huge lag when switching to my system with the mouse. My other kvm, an IO gear, didn’t experience this mouse lag problem.

Sorry, I’m in the middle of troubleshooting and trying to keep this as up to date as possible. I got a usb hub in and have it on the USB 3 port. I mean, it’s working now, but I don’t have shortcut keys - I assume it’s because I’m not using the hid ports. Is there anyway to get hotkeys working?

No, the hid ports are for hid devices and the usb3 ports are straight passthrough. If the keyboard is doing something weird in the hid ports, it is probably not hid? If you can try to uninstall any custom software for the keyboard.

I’ve had a few other reports of steel series keyboards doing weird stuff. Crazy, because even qmk and oddball stuff works fine . Is there a way to disable nkey rollover on your keyboard? if so I would start there.

Thanks for the response Wendell, that was really quick. I disabled my software, the Series GG or whatever it’s called, and tried again - No luck. I don’t see a way to disable n rollover, so that’s unfortunate.

I just wanted to bring to your attention that when I do plug the keyboard in, the RGBs flicker, I hear windows detection and it just dies. Also, as mentioned, the HID ports were causing huge initial lag on my mouse, but since moving over to the USB ports, it’s been fantastic. Because I’m OCD, I had to buy all Steelseries peripherals, so my mouse is also Steelseries.

I mean, it’s unfortunate that I cannot toggle with my keyboard, but if there’s nothing that can be done, oh well. Thankfully the kvm lives on my desk, so the toggle isn’t too far away.

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~Custom keyboard?~

NM I see. So depending on the keyboard its possible it wont be compatible, I used a HyperX similar to that and I had to plug in both the control USB into the HID port and the passthrough into the hub port as the power for the keyboard came off the passthrough, but the data still had to be connected to the HID port on my KVM (iogear)

Try plugging in both, control/HID, and passthrough to hub/switch USB.

Thanks for the info! I did try to plug the “keyboard” usb into the HID and the other USB into the 3.0, but it didn’t work either. You do bring up a very good point. Having a lack of power through the HID port might be what’s causing this issue because the keyboard tries to power up, flashes and dies. Assuming that the keyboard gets all it’s power from the keyboard wire, I assume the other wire is just a standard USB hub, it’s possible that the kvm does NOT have enough power to power the keyboard, as you mentioned, because this keyboard does have a small oled screen and it is RGB. I mean, it’s not a ton of power, but again, I’m not smart enough to know how much draw this keyboard needs and how much that HID supplies. I’ll go dig up a powered USB hub later on and see if the extra boost will get this keyboard working.

Just finished testing out a powered USB hub. Keyboard doesn’t even flicker. It’s weird because I assume if there is power coming from the port, even if there’s no data, the keyboard should still light up. I plugged the USB hub into both the HID port and the USB port. USB port works as expected, HID doesn’t work as mentioned. I only had keyboard plugged in. Tried with both USBs plugged in and just keyboard plugged in. Neither worked. Oh well, at least I tried.

At this point, getting it to work through the HID is just so I can be lazy and not lean forward to toggle systems. Might as well get some ab exercise when swapping systems. Thanks for everyones help!