KVM suggestions

Hello all,
Long time watcher of L1T and L1L, first time poster here. I recently saw the video on Looking Glass and since I have been trying to learn linux and using Ubuntu 18.04 as my primary for a few months. I figured it would be a great project. However in my haste to play with a “new fun toy” I didnt notice that it requires a quadro style card. Since i have the guest all setup and working, i figured i would just get a KVM instead, so i can switch back and forth should i need windows for some reason. So i’m looking for suggestions. While i would like to support L1, I really dont need 4 ports, and $330 is kind of out of my price range. Hoping to be closer to $100, HDMI (for sound support). Just looking for some input from other’s experiences

thank you

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Looking Glass does not need a Quadro to run. It currently by default uses DXGI which is available to all cards on windows 10. The NVENC capture which is only available on Quadro cards is faster than DXGI, but DXGI is still fine for 1080p, maybe a bit higher.

You should be able to use looking glass if you have a Windows 8+ VM with a GPU passed through.

… I missed that. I just skimmed the guest requirements, saw Quadro mentioned and moved on. That’s what i get for doing things really late at night I guess.

Appreciate you pointing that out.