KVM Suggestion/DP Clarification

Hi everyone,

So I’ve got an Acer Predator X34P which according to most sites runs on DisplayPort 1.2 (there are a few publications listing it at DP1.4 but they tend to be of the smaller variety so not putting as much faith in them compared to the bigger sites).

I’m looking for a KVM switch to switch between my gaming PC and work laptop which will also do GSync and allow for me to run at 3440x1440p @ 120hz. However this is where the confusion starts setting in for me since DP1.2 has a maximum bandwith of 17.28Gbps according to my research and running my monitor at [email protected] should require 17.83Gbps according to k.kramerav .com/support/bwcalculator.asp
However another calculator has it at 15.46Gbps - linustechtips .com/main/topic/729232-guide-to-display-cables-adapters-v2/?section=calc&H=3440&V=1440&F=120&calculations=show&formulas=show

I was looking at the level1techs KVM with DP1.4 (store.level1techs .com/products/kvm-switch-2-port-dual-monitor-8k-model-mhkr7) and noted that following:

If you do not need high-res high-refresh in your KVM, consider the Level1Techs DP1.2 KVM; It supports inputs for up to 4 computers, but is limited to Display Port 1.2. That means 4k/60hz (or 3440x1440 @ 95hz or 2560x1440 @ 120hz).

Not sure if 3440x1440 @ 95hz is a limitation of the DP1.2 spec or the DP1.2 KVM switch. Today I run my gaming desktop directly to the X34P and have no issues but don’t want to be spending money on a KVM switch which nets me a worse experience. Guessing the DP1.4 switch won’t help at all if the 95hz is a limit on DP1.2 from the monitor input side.

So if my monitor is DP1.2 and DP1.2 allows only for [email protected] when a KVM is involved does that mean I have no real choice and continue with my existing setup? I currently have the laptop’s dock plugged into the HDMI port along with a USB switched but was after a cleaner solution and getting that 120hz refresh rate on my work laptop instead of being limited to 50hz over HDMI 1.4.

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