KVM stopped passing key strokes to pc1

Hey, I have a one of the 2x dp 1.4 USB 3 KVM’s and I’ve been super happy with it for a couple years now . Recently when switched to PC1 I can use the hotkey to switch to PC2 but keystrokes aren’t passed to the host machine. When on PC 2 I can use the hotkey to switch to PC 1 and keystrokes are passed through. When on PC 1 and PC 2 I can plug the keyboard in via the USB 3 ports and it works fine. After a fresh boot I’ve had some flaky behavior with the KVM on PC 1 where when the keyboard is plugged into the HID port it will work for a couple seconds before giving up and holding down one of the keys I pressed when it died. When hot plugged in the HID port it will work for a couple seconds still. This goes on for a few tries before not working at all.

I’m wondering if other people with the KVM have had this happen and if there are any debugging steps or ideas on what I can do.

have you checked the kvm faq? sounds like maybe the shortcut key to keep the usb3 ports on one port even as you switch inputs was hit accidentally. try hitting that shortcut key. Also unplug the kvm for one minute as it has an internal efuse that takes about a minute to clear if it was over current

if that doesnt work email me wendell at level1techs.com and I can try some other troubleshooting or you can mail it in for further testing

Hey, just wanted to let you know I followed up via email on the 20th.