Kvm pci passthrough fglrx driver issues?

So I've been trying to get pci passthrough to work now for a week I've gotten everything working. Gpu drivers are installed in the guest os(Windows 7) and I can play games. The only problem is I have to use the opensource Ubuntu amd drivers on the host, if I use the property fglrx drivers the kvm says the device is busy even though 'lspci -vnn' says the card is assigned to vfio-pci as the driver in use. So clearly there is something wrong with amd's drivers that's causing the card to be busy. I've contacted amd about this and waiting for a reply. Until then I was wondering if anyone knows a workaround this without using the opensource drivers I want to use the fglrx drivers.?

CPU: FX-8350
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
GPU: R9 280 x2

Are you using your second R9 280 for the host and the other for the guest? From what I've read, you might need to blacklist your second card so it doesn't turn on when booting.