KVM issues

Two months ago, the company I work for purchased two “2.1” KVMs and I’m having issues with one of them. Wanted to see if someone could help.

I have two PCs connected (see attached drawing “KVM.pdf”). Below are the problems.

These issues happen when using my keyboard’s hotkeys and moving from the desktop PC to the laptop. These issues seem to happen randomly and my resolution is to power cycle the KVM

1) Sometimes the screen will be resized and expanded off the monitor (see the two attached files "screen expansion"). 
2) The screen will be blurry (see attached file "Blurry objects". 
3) The screen will be solid red (see attached file "Red screen"

This issue happens when using my keyboard’s hotkeys and moving from the laptop to the desktop.

1) I'll hit the hotkey to switch to the desktop but the monitor never displays my desktop.  Once failed, I then switch back to the laptop and then to the desktop and the monitor displays my desktop as expected.

Any help you can give is much appreciated.

Did you resolve this? I don’t think I’ve seen visual glitches like this before with the KVM. Did this happen on both PC 1 and PC 2 connections? I moved this thread to the right spot on the forum so we wouldn’t miss the thread.