KVM issues after move

I’m having some really strange issues after moving my setup to my new house. Previously, everything was working relatively flawless with the following setup:

4 computer 1 display L1Techs KVM, Odessey G9 Neo, 3 ft Fibbr DP cables, Cable Matters USB-C to DP dongles (for laptops and Macs)

all powering:

Desktop computer with RTX card, Surface Laptop 3 (via Suface Dock), Mac Mini, M2 MacBook Pro

Now, after the move, the only display I get with this setup is from the desktop. The display from the Macs goes in and out randomly and the display from the Surface Laptop is a much lower resolution and sometimes has scan lines.

Upon testing each individual device with each individual cable straight to the monitor and bypassing the KVM, I discovered 2 of my Fibbr cables are now dead which is strange. However, of the remaining cables, the device straight to the monitor was flawless.

I am now very stumped and don’t understand how a simple move would impact my KVM in this way… manually switching monitor cables and managing the USB through the KVM is becoming a bit silly.

Any ideas?

I know wendell does not suggest you mix these with regular cables if I am not mistaken. Did you change what cable was where?

Not sure I understand the question. All of the DP cables are Fibbr. There are no copper DP cables in this setup other than the adaptors from USB-C to DP.

Sorry read it to fast, with them all being Fibbr that is a bit interesting.

With them being fiber maybe they were bent to much during transport causing fractures in the fiber. I havent had one of those yet to see how the construction is.

Yeah, I think that was definitely the case for the 2 that are dead on device → monitor connections. Still makes no sense to me why the good cables no longer work in the device → kvm → monitor configuration except for the desktop with the RTX card…

Maybe signal strength of RTX card is strong enough vs the other sources that when it gets converted to fiber signal it is still strong enough to deal with weaker cables?
(Complete guess)

I got this working! Somehow the monitor settings got reset…

Changed my G9 Neo settings to:

  1. Adaptive-Sync = off
  2. Refresh rate = 240
  3. Response time = standard
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My takeaway from this and my personal experience with the L1KVM is: Damn, these DP signals are finicky beasts.

Once, I didn’t have gray hair. Fiber Optic DP cables are worth every penny also.