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Stumbled across site and the KVM offerings look great, but not sure up to my current needs.

I run 2 workstations (radiology) that require high resolution monitors. I had been making due with switching only 2 monitors with a startech dual head DP switch. Its been suboptimal to say the least. Tried to go cheap with a smartavi quad head DVI-I switch recently (been a nigthmare) and realized the the resolution of the switch wasn’t sufficient – nor can I get the keyboard/mouse working properly for some reason ( no switching with hot keys).

went with the smart avi because of the phantom imaging – may not be a big need once we upgrade our work software…

But wondering if I could get by using 2 different dual head DP switches? Try and be patient for the quad head level one kvm?

I have 1 computer and 1 laptop provided by my employer and I have my own workstation I use for my side work and I stay working on the side with my former employer, I would be up to 4 computers …

Don’t have enough room for all of this …

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What resolutions are you looking for? Also do you only need 2 monitors, your post wasnt specific.

DVI will just about do 1440p but on one monitor. Hdmi will do more but kvms tend to focus on 1080p.

Your best bet is a 4 port displayport model. I use a startech SV431DPUA2. That runs two 1440p monitors using displayport passthrough and switches with keyboard shortcuts. Rock solid.

No reason why not but investigate passthrough (daisy chain) if your monitors support it and you can run both off one port


Thanks. Will be using 2 of these monitors – Barco nio color 3mp mdnc 3421

2048 x 1536 pixels (portrait)

The other 2 monitors will be 2 HP z24i running 1920x1200

The listed kvm will not do as it assume 1 monitor and 4 cpus. I’m looking at a setup of 4 monitors for probably 3 cpus …

Thanks for the additional information.

So you are looking at 4 monitors, all with displayport 1.2, with total resolution of around 6k. I’m not sure there is a KVM on the market that can do that. A pair of L1techs KVMs (dual header ones) might do it, or a pair of SV431DPDDUA2 models.

Whatever outcome it will be complex and you are looking at around $2k just for the KVMs. Good luck with the research.

So 3 workstations
1 Laptop
1 Desktop
1 Desktop

2x Barco nio color 3mp mdnc 3421

2x HP z24

Given all this I would probably go this route
L1T DP dual port KVM or alternative brand if you cant wait for restock.

Then I would run a 2nd kvm or hdmi switch if you can find one for a good deal
maybe something like the StarTech (SV431DHD4KU) if you cant find a switch.

Setup would be the 2x barco on the Main KVM (the DP one)
and the HP monitors only on the switch or hdmi kvm but only monitors. If you are ok with more button presses you could do 2 4port hdmi switches but 2buttons is kinda the most I would want to do, but would only be 1 more button press.

I have this hdmi switch and like it, if you go the two switch route.