KVM audio static in a game

Hi all,

I recently bought a level1techs KVM switch, and for the most part, it has been working great.
The one issue that I am currently having is that when I play a particular game, I am getting audio static through my speakers.
I’ve been trying to isolate the issue with no success so far:

  • It’s a windows PC, and the game is Lost Ark. The static doesn’t happen if the game is minimized.
  • The static doesn’t happen when speakers are directly plugged into the PC, not through KVM
  • Haven’t found another application that causes static
  • Swapped AUX cable, static still happens
  • Swapped PC1 and PC2 on KVM, static still happens

Not sure what else to try, would appreciate any suggestions.


you might try a $5 ground loop isolator from amazon and see if that makes a difference. Analog circuits are weird.

I’m not the OP here but I was having the same issue. Except the game where I noticed it was Hitman 3. A ground loop isolator as recommended by Wendel seems to have solved it for me.