KVM 4 port 2 Monitor Manjaro issue

I have a L1Tech 4 computer 2 monitor kvm switch.

I have been using to switch between a few vms on my unraid box, a laptop and another old desktop.

I am looking to migrate from unraid to a linux desktop, and tried installing manjaro bare metal.

When I boot bare metal, any keyboard connected through the kvm does not work well. I get a lot of missed keys and then I get stuck repeating keys. If I connect the keyboard not through the kvm there is no issue.

I am running a ryzen 5950x, and msi prestige creation x570 mobo with the latest non-beta bios (dec 2021).

Has anyone come across this issue and how did they resolve it ?

Try different USB ports on the host PC. Not all usbc ports are connected internally equally.

Missed keys can be an indicator of wildly different USB polling rates from attached PCs of a device that’s dropping and reconnecting constantly.

On the KVm usb3 ports are wired differently than USB hid ports do try the usb3 ports also.

Thanks for the reply Wendell.

I will test this and get back to you, In the office for a couple of days so it may be Monday.

I am hopeful it will resolve the issue, because the usb connection that was being used was to a pcie usb card. The only issue there is that this works fine when passed through in Windows, but if thats the case when using manjaro it should work just fine for my purposes.