Kubuntu on top of Ubuntu or KDE Neon? Which is more stable?

So I’m planning my fresh install move for moving from 18.04.5 to 20.04.1, and I just want to know which is more stable…

Installing Vanilla Ubuntu, then kubuntu-desktop on top of that?


KDE Neon?

Historically I have used the Vanilla to Kubuntu move because it allows me to keep some stuff so that Nemo works, but would KDE Neon throw weirdness if you try to use Nemo rather than Dolphin (file manager, not emulator) and if you try to use software-properties-gtk rather than Discover or Muon?

In terms of a good LTS kernel, I still don’t see that coming to Fedora anytime soon, so I’m sticking to Debian based distros.

And what about the learning curve with Vanilla Debian in terms of customization?

Vanilla is now gnome so it doesn’t make sense to install kde on top.

For the software: the gtk libs pulled in by the dependencies will/should be the same on both versions so it won’t really matter.

What would be more lightweight? Ubuntu Vanilla, then installing Kubuntu and Nemo on top, or KDE Neon and installing Nemo? Can you install Nemo on KDE Neon?

That depends which software you’re interested in. KDE Neon exists to facilitate getting the latest and greatest Qt and KDE; wrt other software it sticks to Ubuntu LTS. Kubuntu LTS may be more stable if KDE gets funky.

software-properties-gtk is not comparable to Discover or Muon, it just lets you choose which repositories and server. (On KDE we have software-properties-qt which looks the same.) I still don’t trust Discover, except for notifications. Discover seems designed to be newbie friendly and hide details, and hasn’t worked at all for me in the past. Your choice is Synaptics, Muon, the ncurses aptitude, or APT command line tools. I like Muon these days because it only asks for sudo when it needs it, and I’m usually just looking for info, like dependencies or versions or what’s available. As well, Muon looks better, as it follows my dark theme. I like aptitude too.

Okay, Muon seems to be my choice and is the default in KDE Neon. Are there repository issues with KDE Neon I should be concerned about? Can I add Xanmod repositories?

i imagine so. I would be installing on btrfs, (and renaming @ to @neon, adjusting /etc/fstab and grub, so that neon is but one of many installs…) and I often experiment recklessly, because rolling back takes seconds.

Yeah, if I went production stable I would install Clover/OpenCore Hackintosh first, then put Linux partitions, so that might not be an option.