Kubuntu 13.10 Speaker problem

I was just using Kubuntu when one day, without warning or error, the speakers don't play sound. They work fine on my Windows Partition, and headphones work just fine, so what is going on. Don't ask me if I installed a program before this happened, I had no recent install when the problem started. Also, I don't know the manufacturer of my speakers, but I know that I have a Sony viao sve17137cxb laptop.

Does Kubuntu use ALSA or PulseAudio? If it's ALSA, run alsamixer to check if the output is muted. If it's PulseAudio, uninstall Pulse and install ALSA ;)

Pretty sure Kubuntu uses ALSA, though.

it was alsa and the speaker was muted XD thanks!

That's right, Wig ;)

Glad it's fixed - keep hacking on, man.

It's a known KDE bug.

Update your KDE to a newer version that has the bug fixed. It's not available in the Kubuntu repos though, you need to compile it from source or use another distro.