Kraken x60 or Corsair h110-h100i

Kraken x60 or corsair h110 or h100i? 
this is for gaming
amd fx 8350
 gtx 680
asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 

Kraken or h110 if your case can fit it. The kraken is better tho.

I went with the H110 and the both fans came faulty so I got some Noctua 140mm FLX fans for it and with the [email protected] 4.5ghz the H110 keeps keeps the temp under 49c at 100% load.

I had my voltage rediculously high my current temp on 100% load is 44C with the h110 

Swiftech h220 :P

if your case can fit the kraken x60 (check on nzxt's website) go for it. otherwise go for the h110 or h100i

If your case fits teh Kraken X60, GET IT!!!!

If you can't, go for the H110. :D