Kraken G10 on MSI 780 Ti (VRM/Memory Worries)

So I've been researching the Kraken G10 to use on my 780Ti. I don't necessarily have heat problems on the card itself, although it does get toasty this time of year due to it being summer, and so cal weather lately has been humid; but my main problem is that the card dissipates heat well. So well, in fact, that it heats up the inside of my case, despite good airflow. In the fall/winter times, while gaming, the cards stays around 65C to 67C. So that's fine, but now EVERYTHING gets toasty to the point that my CPU and GPU both hit 70C.

Now, I want to get the Kraken G10 to cool my card and have heard great reviews on many different water coolers used on it. However, one con, is that, I guess depending on one's configuration or card, the VRMs and RAM can get hot and the 90mm fan is not enough to cool them.

So my question is, will I have to get RAM/VRM heatsinks? If I so where can I get them and should I use the thermal pads that came with the card? I'm weary of using the thermal adhesive due to if anything happens to the water cooling I won't be able to use the original heatsink.

What do you guys think?



70C are quite good temps for So Cal. I used to live there, on the outskirts near Palm Springs and the desert and getting those temperatures could be really hard to do. In summer especially, winter was pretty hard to do sometimes too, since So Cal doesn't really have huge temp differences between summer and winter.

The big thing though, you didn't list your current temps on your VRM and ram.. So how can anyone give advice on that? I'd say if they don't break 95C on full load, then don't get them. The VRM and ram while using the G10 can get higher but they can still perform at those higher temperatures unlike the GPU. If the higher temperatures make you uncomfortable, then get the heatsinks.

Here is a link to them:

Also a large one to cut down:

Awesome! Thanks for the reply! 

As for the VRAM temps, what program can I use to check that? GPUz? OCCT? I have those, but never thought to look since it didn't occur to me just now and I never worried about it.

I did a run of Unigen Heaven (Ultra Preset, 1080p, x8 AA) and the Card reached 76C and noticed that card throttled itself 1090Mhz due to the temps. In fall/winter it would ramp up to 1300Mhz when temps were cooler. I think the recommended max operating temp is 80C on this card, correct me if I'm wrong, so it's getting too close for comfort.

I just checked GPUz and there is no VRAM indicator. A little more diggin suggests that Nvidia doesn't put VRAM sensors on their cards. I guess I'll need infrared thermometer to check the temps.

However I did find some VRAM heatsinks on amazon that are removable on stuck on the VRAM. So now I don't have to worry about cementing the heatsinks on to the VRAM. So I'm going for the liquid cooling. :D


Thanks for your help

Oh, yeah, I just googled it. Keplar cards require CHL8228 VC. Only certain cards have it available, like Lightings.

The operating temperature of the gpu is 80C. I've seen the VRM get up to 100C in the GTX 700 series and not throttle until it starts heating up the rest. It's not safe after 100C, cause it heats up the rest of the card, that's why I gave a lesser number as I'm not familiar with the 780 Ti. Of course it's always better lower, but Wendell did do a build with the G10 and so have many others, even documenting the high VRM temperatures not throttling them. I guess your card must be getting really friggin' hot, but you are overclocking it quite a bit.