Kotaku: XBone having a Very bad day

Ok so I fudged the title a little, but that's what I'm hearing everyone call it now. :-p

So here's the link with the details.

My blog copied thoughts:  (inbox worthy?)

While anything can change at E3 and by a software update / administrative decision, is MSFT really apt for shooting both feet off here? That's not exactly how I'd have addressed some of the burning questions from gamers.

 They've essentially put the burden on (what'll likely just be GameStop) to handle ALL the used physical game trades and put the authorization solely in the hands of the developers. IE: They're wiping their hands of the used game decisions so they can't take any PR blame.

The console Must, I repeat, MUST be internet connected atleast once a day on your home console to play Offline content and once an HOUR when playing via your account at a friend's house on Their console. I like the portability aspect, but ouch.

The lending thing is 'interestingly vague' to say the least, but atleast they're addressing/allowing it even in a vice grip fashion.

1. This "blog" is on Kotaku.

2. I believe most PC gamers don't care about used games simply because it's been like that for a while already on the PC, hell I haven't bought a game for my PC from a physical store for at least 4 years.

3. The "once a day online connection" I don't have a problem with since it's really only the 1-5%(generous) who can't do that.

4. My opinion on used games lies within this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G_f8YBy39M

5. It doesn't matter if it's always online, if it has good games (which Microsoft has invested 1billion dollars in) it won't matter people will still buy it.

6. If you don't like the Xbox One don't buy it simple as that.

I'm willing to put down money that a LOT of the exclusives, at least 40%, for the Halbox will be Kinect games.

I'm trying to be impartial here, but MS just keeps putting their foot in their mouth on this one. At least it makes it easier for me to just go straight on ahead and buy a PS4 when I feel like getting a new console.

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The "once a day online connection" I don't have a problem with since it's really only the 1-5%(generous) who can't do that.

Not everyone lives in a city, or a country with good rural connections.  In semi-rural New England, my internet can and does go out for extended lengths of time (3+ days.)  And it's like this in all rural areas in North America.  

I think I will pick up a ps4 at some point. but do we know anything about fees for a monthly xbox live sub?

The answer is to just not buy it no one is forcing anyone to buy the system and if you have a problem with it just dont use it. I'm tired of so many posts all over the internet of people complaining about the Xbox in the end it will still sell millions and most of the people complaining will be the first in line to pick it up on launch day.

Never been a big console gamer so its kinda funny to see big M trying to go in with NO vaseline.


Used games is not a PC thing, but it's important for console players. And I think it's actually a bad thing. The problem, is paying the full price for every game is not realistic either. Steam has perfect solution for this problem. People who want new games right at the launch pay full price, people who are not so enthusiatic buy them later for smaller prices and publishers still get decent amount of money and Steam sales allow pulbishers get even more money once in a while and gamers get games even cheaper. Everyone's happy.


More and more Microsoft is making themselves more irrelevant by the day. I actually feel more sorry for them over Nintendo now.

I was directed at another article today that pointed at Microsoft's minimum internet speed requirement of 1.5Mbps. That just happens to be what this household can afford (because the person paying won't go back to cable >.<). I know people at work that can't even get 1Mbps because of the lack of infrastructure and they're not 'in the hills' even. I forget where I wrote it, but it comes down to the fact that this country does not have a fully developed telecommunications infrastructure. That said, I'm waiting to see what the PS4's requirements are.

Xbox Live will still be a paid service iirc.

I 'thought' I made it clear that this was to be an informative post with some commentary, not "DUde this sux! Should I get one?".

In terms of MSFT as a whole, they are moving (quite rapidly) in the direction of Apple when it comes to hardware and software ecosystem control. *cue the irony and Apple lawyers* With the advent of the 'windows store' and all of their aquisitions, MSFT has placed them self in a position to Try to do something good (lost my train of thought). Unfortunately, there are consequences to closing an ecosystem and I hope they see that, but we'll see what happens with it all soon enough I believe.