Korean Monitor (All the pixels)?!

I have a question about the Xstar Tempered glass 2560x1440 Korean Monitor. Pretty much i was wondering what kind of fps hit am i expecting to hit? Obviously not everyone has a monitor with that resolution but if someone does could they enlighten me? I have a Titan Black (yea i know, why did you not get a 780ti? Production work, Vram) as well as an Amd fx 8350, and standard 8 gigs of ram. 

I mainly want to get this monitor for production work with game creation, modeling, texturing ect. But i also love to play games sooooo im kind of worried about the loss in frames. Oh and i like to record my game sessions and live stream occasionally so that kind of takes away some frames as well.  

Oh yea and my current monitor is a 20" 1920x1080 Dell lcd that i have had for 5 years. 

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You'll have no trouble gaming at that resolution. I use a 780 at 1440p, and I can get 60FPS on ultra presets in most games.

If you want to record gameplay, get a video capture card. It will take away any overhead.

Thank you Berserker! Also i think i have seen you around when i was snooping on the forum. But yes the reason why i was so worried was because a couple of friends brought up the idea that i may see a 20% frame drop. 

You'll maybe see a frame drop, but there are some easy ways to compensate. You won't need much anti-aliasing at 1440p. Turning that down will alleviate much of the performance trade-off.

I figured i could just get of most of the AA with the extra pixels. Thanks for the help I feel a whole lot more confident in getting this thing now. 

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I just got three more XStars and they all came pixel perfect. My favorite one is still the base model with the matte finish. I like it better than the tempered glass even. I have a 780 Ti and I can play just about anything on high or max at 1440. My Skyrim does struggle a bit to stay about 40fps... but most games are fine.

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Your video review on those monitors is what put the idea in my head to get one a while ago and with the good reviews from the seller on Ebay (Dreamseller i think it is) kind of pushed me to getting one. Also thanks for info Skyrim was one of the games i was kinda worried about due to the mods but i don't think i have nearly as many as you had so i should be good.  

1440p monitor club here i come!

I got 3 of these Matte ones last week without even ordering the pixel perfect. 299 ea shipped to my door in 4 days from Korea to a small town outside St Louis, Mostly because of the Tek Syndicate and Wendell and Logans review! Best monitors I have ever had! Check out the adjustable Ergotron Monitor arms on Amazon for about $300.00 for a triple setup  delivered to your door they are similar to the ones Wendell uses but cheaper. !  

When I went from 1920x1200 to 2560x1440 I saw about a 20 FPS drop on averaged across the board.

I went ahead and ordered mine today, The matte one and i didn't bother with the pixel perfect because the seller seems super reliable. Im excited to actually see how 2k gaming looks and to have all the extra space for productivity. 

That's not too bad, thanks for this.

1080p to 1440 is about 75% more pixels making it 75% harder to run.

meaning if you normally get 60fps now you'll see about 35-40

Holy crap 75% more o.o wow. I new it was a lot but not 75% more, I couldn't even imagine trying to run a 4k monitor then. 

2.07 vs. 3.69 MP

I couldn't even imagine trying to run that 3840x2160 x.x

An update, I just received my Monitor and it is amazing! I did receive one dead pixel but i hardly notice it and honestly i cant complain for 300 dollars! Everything looks so beautiful. 

can't go wrong with those korean monitors.  I personally can get really good frames on my gtx 780.  I do heavy overclocking so i can get something around 80-100fps on most games at 1440p.  Games like BF4 i get around 70-80fps average.  Especially great when you consider overclocking.  I have an article that i wrote about overclocking korean monitors that you may want to check out.


check it out and give it a shot if you want to push ur monitor a little harder.